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Where's the trouble down like? Melt north of the city, Ben, for sure, it's the upper end of route 1 28 South down that's backed up shortly after you won in Peabody down into Lynnfield into Wakefield. I was going to say it was from an earlier crash by rule 1 29, But now we've got a new 1 28 South crash at Walnut Street. So this backup isn't gonna ease out anytime soon. With this new crash 1 28 South Walnut Street. North bound seems to be better coming up past 93. But that may change shortly. We'll see. 93 is good, really, from the second bridge all the way up to the New Hampshire line. No problems there, and even route one is clear off the Tobin Bridge. I'll pass the Lynnfield Tunnel with a closer look downtown. We turn to the WBC news radio traffic copter. So we're on our way back to Lynnfield Right now. I thought everything was okay. Apparently not. But while we were in town, things looked pretty good. Tobin Bridge. Lower deck of 93. Not bad at all. Story Drive East is even good in front of mass general this afternoon, and no big backups for the airport tunnels back to Lynnfield. Christian, aka the WBC news radio traffic copter. Yes, sorry about that. Yeah, You know the expressways a lot better than it usually is for Thursday afternoon. In fact, it's wide open from the tunnel all the way to the brain's re split. You don't hear that too often this time of the day on North Sounds good. All the way in Route three on the South Shore is clear. But we've got troubles here. Big delays in Norwell with the crash on route 53 near the intersection of Grove and high streets. It's got route 53 back. Before 2 28, and it's got to 28 delays almost back to Route three. Miking WBC's traffic on the threes time to check the four day I could weather forecast meteorologist Brian Thompson. Joins us. We have some snow around today. It won't be the snow but the cold that's going to affect us this weekend. You have been.

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