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If he didn't. He was a really good player that's about that defending you. Remember what I remember about those years is having a play against the Baltimore Ravens who had Ed Reed and go on and on down the you can go, you can keep talking forever. And then the next. Week having to play against the Steelers who had chemo Charette Kiesel, Casey Hampton, Harrison. I mean, you can go on and on. Those were great, great defenses and great players. And chemo got more recognition for for blowing my NIA. But chemo was a dominant run stuffer and he was a great player in one to Super Bowl. Do you ever think you ever look down at your ne-near? Like I got a dead body in my like, I don't anymore. Really. I had I had a dead body in my leg. Okay. And then that popped and broke and they took that out the dead body also failed. The took the dead body out. Was it Robert Griffin's body that you got the tenant from our. And then they went in and cut my kiloton out and put my money that sounds fato dead body to know achilles, achilles heel. I still have. Oh, no, we'll have to walk around like and said that, yes, we have no weekend. Are you a little bit pissed off that the change the rule after Tom Brady's Neagh got hurt, but not after years? No, they did. They did change but wasn't like roll up into someone's. Then they started calling the Tom Brady, but it was mine, so. Okay. So what that back back. That's the Carson Palmer. But I, I was starting asked about the Steelers because they've got an interesting situation with lady on bell going on there. I know you had like a few disputes with with Cincinnati ownership there at the end. Now his teammates are kind of turning on a little bit. Did you when you're going through that where your teammates support view of you behind the scenes? Because I don't remember anybody saying thing like publicly? Yeah. I mean, I think anybody that's ever played for the Bengals understood probably especially anybody that's played for the Bengals and then played for the Steelers or the patriots or the Packers, or you know, other organizations, anybody that has a chance to compare and contrast would understand what I what I was doing. I got you. Yeah. So. Yes, we, we can pick it up. Is that it was the story that you drove to watch Peyton Manning with Chad Johnson? True this that was like the favorite story for every booth to be like, hey, you know, these guys drove a truck together for five hours. You know that because you don't listen to the. It was it was an hour. Yeah. What was hours about my time Chad, Chad, Chad, I would. We worked out in off seasons in l. a. and and if there was traffic and it was gonna be an over an hour drive. I chat CHAD'S a lot yet. You wanted his office like a week ago and he's just like who wants to get their ass whooped feta and they just started screaming. Then he played video games for like seven hours. I didn't even know why he was. Here's the best. Yeah. Yeah. So how's that relationship? Like? How do you build that relationship? How does the quarterback? I think that something most casual fans don't really understand you like, oh, we'll just pick up this wide receiver. Pick up this tight end, plug them in, does it take a lot of time to get to that point where you trust them? I mean not with somebody's talented his Chad Chad. Anytime Chad was one on one. He was getting the football. Now. People stop trying to cover him one on one..

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