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Sure their hospitals and sites of care safe and ready for you when you need them in person and virtual visits to get the care you need to get S. T. health care dot com I mean you accident at I. twenty four eastbound going on to the rams on the road a three vehicle crash on the shoulders now blocked from Iraq and I. forty westbound after white bridge pike I. forty east I'm going on to the man to no one's full pike we have a crash in another wreck on full forty at I. four forty westbound near Hillsboro pike have an injury record Tennessee Avenue west of forty ninth Avenue and another injury accident at Harding pike east of Woodmont Boulevard be on the look out for that I'm Josh McLay traffic every ten minutes every morning on super talk ninety nine seven W. T. end the following from the beacon capital management weather center more hot days ahead this week I'm chief meteorologist Lisa Spencer in the four warn storm center we're looking at a partly cloudy sky through morning are.

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