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Getting more and more listeners every week more and more listeners especially weeks, I'm here, and I think they're tuning in for more and more as Rachel kind of really really really fine tunes, the intro music each segment and has now put together the thematic. What would you call it a compendium? I'll call it a compendium of of music for us for the show. Yeah. So I think it's really it's really become a fine. Tune really really. I'm a fine operation. Dan theme. Oh, that'd be nice seem sauna. Mr. Magoo would be good. Simply the best simply the best. Everyone listening. We actually had this was this was without a joke. We were at a what would you call it like an awards awards presentation at one of our previous employer, one of these big wirehouse banks who'd how shall go nameless. And when we went we were on the select list to go and listen without exaggeration were all sitting in this big hall. You know, we're sitting there in a big hall big conference hall, and there were lights there were what would you call it Spar? I mean, it was it was unbelievable. This was something. I it was like the Miami hurricanes of old running out into the field with the smoke machine. And the CEO comes out unbeknownst to everyone to his theme. Song simply the best. Yeah. It was with us. Rachel shakes her it. It was really that disturbed. He was the best. Yeah. He was in his own mind. It was really really even if you thought you were the best to do that was beyond beyond mentioned. Talked about the tax planning the tax planning guide. We can give away. This is a big year because this is the first year that the new tax laws in place. So I think there's going to be some surprise people are no longer getting no state local income tax deductions. I think there's gonna be some. Be.

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