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Their fan i mean the only one you walk ryan sing and do he'll smile. Who look at you i i. Wasn't you know tony parker. I was in spain. And i'm telling you that was singing lyrics and he knew we could see the action in my face and he you tell any smiled any awesome you know just they me something a little different than you know. It's a lot of the rappers at that. I know and because of that you actually went and paid your respects at his resting place in california a lot. Yeah yeah yeah. Yeah that that was a another surreal moment i would with again rockstar phil and you know. We took a ride to goal. Go pay go pay. Respect ron great. So we knew we knew he was at the At the forest lawn cemetery out there that we knew where he was laid to rest so went to the main lobby area. And a lot of people out there. So it's almost like it's worth that people will come and go to go to accents and going to allow him to tell us where we find rising steel and the guys like sorry. Wendy requested that It would mean and you know. Sorry wendy of we went and found it anyway. I know people find it but so what we did was started driving around and got on. The phone started youtube and stuff and found some they from sweden. They did a youtube video of them. Finding ryan's final resting place. And i'm watching watching it and i see and i'm not gonna say what the the the word when he again. I'm not gonna. I'm not gonna give it up but where they The court there's a courtyard of the other certain areas. Each one is named differently. Where the where the where the gray sites are you. Also i saw heidel and i went. Well we gotta look for that and then we found it so we'll get out of the car and then we go walking in still wanted to right. I went to the left and then all of a sudden just like you know. Some was karma download. A big flashlight. There was ryan final. Resting place if i have you guys seen it it it. It's just a beautiful like the cats get is outside the improvement of the big cat. Beautiful white non there on. It says the man on the silver mountain with his signature with his autograph on the signature. Hogging wants it and You know to the laughter to earns flowerpot with with with the with the horns up and and it's just like you know you could hear you know that the all of the all of my is you know we had a speaker with us is what i prefer having. And how that. They're listening to anne cooper we would. The body of my hero was was right there. You know so so moving so moving me really cool it. Lemme buried in the same place. His his resting spot is directly across from them so they can almost like see they. You know. I'm sure they're doing their thing. I've been having but they could see each other. I was like wow. We've found let me stop to. This is unbelievable. Yeah very cool. Why was it important for you to go there. What would that mean to you. I just like almost like a family member going to know a family member to me for me personally. You like that so much but yeah this this this guy and this music and is and and all you know and i'm italian that'll go visit go to go to grayson just something that i had to do. And of course. Phil got less than took me out there. He wanted to do it too. 'cause he he loves them as much as i do when you think back of his music in his career and the connection that you've had with him for on what what song to you like. Is your deal song like what. What is the the one that you help helps guide you through through life. That's easy that's happened in hell from agency. It tells you how you know how to live life. What's what coming after you. What what do any assam your singer doing me a wrong. Or the bringer of evil you know for heaven how everything's heaven and how they tell you black is really white. The moon is just the sun at night but when you walk in golden halls you gotta keep the gold. That fall you people i. It kills me when people listen to lyrics for the song that it's not that this song general but you know when you walk in golden halls. You gotta keep the goal the fall. You know you've gotta take advantage of those moments and live life to the fullest every day. You know never having alley no alert. That this guy was what wasn't singing the devil. He's not it it. it's a whole different level. Yes without a doubt. Heaven hell agency for as far as mike chamber. Is that song. I have there been moments in your life when you you've connected with that song to help guide you through things. I mean daily. Almost you know daily similar subject just unions. Throw it on going through some shit. Go from braith off You know anything and almost translated to anything that you're doing you. Can you can pieces of it. Get yourself going. You know. we'll know we'll end on that because you know that is Pretty much the essence of your passion and a lot of do fans passionate about the legacy of ronnie james dio and what it meant to you and what it meant to them. It's an honor that you had me probably for this up to your expectations on that. And i didn't let anybody down I love you. Didn't let anybody down man. You were awesome. This was. I had you in mind for the one day when i was going to do this. This ronnie james deal legacy and You definitely definitely hit it out of the park. My man awesome brother pastries so much. I i can't tell you. I can't believe that i'm a i'm going to be digital digital.

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