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Beer principle her daughter is in the cold and she was like please help my daughter and so i got a little bit of attention because it was just a little bit you know scandalous or would have happened oxen burke that's her name and then a few weeks later or like a week later on the daily mail god bless them came out saying it's a former small ville actress allison mack is second in command of the sex gold and then it blew up it all it took was some f list actress from small ville to really blow the blood would bring up got poor calvin oxen berg was going on megan kelly and all these shows being like my daughter is stuck in a sex call i can't get her out helped me this is like scientology it's terrible i never was like sorry sweden damon in small bill the america's like wild god small ville not actress allison mac from the hit show small the so if you watched small which like i feel like everyone did for two episodes and never again um she played the like side blonde aside kick who was like a reporter forget their name in not lois lane but like the lowest known in our lois lane was christon cruch member of nam member when those people were like gonna be huge but then they were never huge um who was a who was superman again what's his name brandon ralph no ran a rousing rendition of those someone else who was told welling tom willing god wow were lotta super man's fallen by the wayside your uh to get replaced by none other than henry cavill okay somebody many who's.

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