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Oh yeah legally we can't play anymore it's fair use various various of song so let's break it down i think you can't play anymore because if you play that song and its entirety and opens a gate to hell satan comes that was but you should hear what push it sent back billy joel needs to have some rivalries definitely push it to you would be that's bad if billy joel's getting up there if he died in a rap feud that'd be pretty cool right see so that's not good yeah clap that's that's also shitty is fucked that's on the sentra and i guess this was made for the movie billy joel song bars i could tell deemed not appropriate to put on any which is good for him on that elton john called you're not gonna play at giant stadium right do you think it was the thing with gary moshe was like hey billy my daughter's getting married could you write a wedding song i got a promise it'll be secret no one will ever hear and billy joel sees that movie on hbo when days what the that sucks i think you're seeing is what we saying i was gonna say if john was his rivalry the one he went out on elton john versus billy joel that's a good one that's a good rivalry i'd watch them fight to the death of songs going back and forth just beating the shit iho totally do dueling peonies took behind the wheel that's right that would be amazing just fucking sick burns going back and forth sing us a song stupid glasses man and so on these are better than the original it still sounds like shit to me john we'll sing a song about a dead guy anyway go on a farewell tour for many years yeah you know it's the circle of shitty piano also the singer seeing that really much of a singer seen but i guess it tells you at least this marriage lasted two months because the end there's a shot of them.

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