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Sort of marshall coalition around some kind of action in in syria i think he would be benefiting certainly at home but from that if you remember just if i can interject here you know it was just a week and a half ago that the president was saying how quickly he wanted to get out of syria well i think you know the big fear on with any attack on syria is is the risk of some sort of miscalculation or some sort of an escalation you know this is this country syria has become such a crazy battlefield when you think about it there are troops from the united states iran turkey russia syria then you have multiple competing terrorist groups on the ground it's a very complicated battlefield and the risk that you have russian or us jets somehow coming into conflict in the skies over syria or that missiles hit the wrong target these are shared military bases syrian and russian troops work alongside each other some of these phases there's a real fear that this turns into something that no one intended it to be so i think i think to some degree russia's tried to to balance that fear out with the the expectation that the us will act and all of these enormous issue syria russia iran and also north korea there talk talking about win that meeting between the president and kim jong un may be all of this happening while mr pompeo is in the senate getting confirmed josh you've been following that you both gentlemen have been following that i'm gonna bring josh in and just talk a little bit about how those confirmation hearings are going and what your takeaway has been so far they were really pressing him earlier about like things like the iran nuclear deal yes pompeo's he has a lot of support on the right and a lot of enemies.

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