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Yes it just the last eight months i mean this seems to be the charges issue for couple years it's it's instant cayden but it's novellas pretty good nick novak was alright so it is like four years in a way isn't it fair that we know that that's the case in a way it kind of has become nfl level place kicking is sort of the equivalent of figure skating which is to say the only ones you notice at this point are the ones who miss the same as figure skating you see them fall and that's what stands out to you in the same way kickers now all standardly it's not a you know justin tucker chris boswell whoever you would hold up as the best in the game in two thousand seventeen matt bryant you know forty something guy of the of the falcons was eight for eight over fifty yards in in two thousand seventeen which is remarkable except for the fact that a lot of those guys i'd take two thirds of them conservatively make more fifty plus yard kicks and they miss over the course of season so doesn't that i don't know i don't want to go so far as to say corrupts the integrity of football strategy as we know it but isn't it warped from what it was thirty years ago it's so weird that guys go way back to the early sixties they were position players largely the guys who did the kicking paul horneck the golden boy he was a kicker of notre dame and then the green bay packers the world champion green bay packers was their place and one year he made a third of all his field goal attempts it's crazy he missed twenty something or twenty five field goals and he made a obviously if you do the math on that maybe ten or so of the eggs did go through its we.

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