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The point where we can continue to offer care in a normal a setting with normal levels of care. Jeremy Evans is with Kootenay Health and says the new protocol means if they're short on things like ventilators, oxygen and staff They now have to choose who gets assistance. And who doesn't. Some hospitals here in Washington may not be far from having to do the same thing. After nearly 8000 new cases of Covid were confirmed over the holiday weekend in both Washington and Oregon quite clear that, uh, the vaccine provides a lot of protection. But it's not 100%. You know, some people still do end up in the hospital. The homeless executive Dave Summer, says his hospitals are close to capacity and that outdoor mask mandates may help. We're looking at both peers. Down in King County Regulation. Brian Calvert common use Um oh news time. Now. 63 and dozens of students at Kirkland Middle School are now home quarantining after being exposed to two kids that have covid the first case that comic in middle school occurred last week. The second one was detected Monday. The affected students and Stafford to remain at home until the medical coordinator gives them the okay to return. Just a week into the new school year, hundreds of students in Kennewick have been told to stay home. At least 116 students tested positive for Covid. Another 250 were in close contact with them more from co most Carlene Johnson 25 of Kennewick School districts, 30 schools have at least one covid case. Amistad Elementary has the highest number of students out either testing positive or due to close contact with 33 32 students are out from comedic in high school. Reza Khalil, CEO of Cadillac Medical Center, says they're running out of beds overwhelmed with Covid patients. On top of that there are fewer of us because a number of our healthcare workers Are out sick. The number of patients being treated for Covid in hospitals in Benton and Franklin counties hit a new high Yesterday, 115 patients have covid at the four hospitals, almost 31% of all the patients in Richland, Kennewick, Pasco and Prosser. Charlene Johnson. Common news. Come on news time. 604 We check traffic for you every 10 minutes on the floors and from the Dubin Law Group Traffic Center. Here's Kierra, Jordan. We're finding some light slowing on eastbound 5, 12 and Puyallup is you're approaching pioneer and then we are slow and go on the Valley Freeway As you pull away from 5, 12 and head into Pacific. We're also going to crowd just north of highway 18, with some light slowing around to 77th and then more delays from 180 at the 405. We are filling in more north around four or five from state route. 1692 Northeast 30th. Let's move sailing on southbound four or five southbound I five is looking really good North and I five, though that is where you face a delay through Tacoma City Center. We get backed up as you're approaching state route 18. And then we have offered on slowing coming out of federal way and into C Tech and see it in Seattle. Some lighter slowing between Michigan and the convention Center. Our next Cuomo traffic up 6 14 report This time is sponsored by Beacon Plumbing, heating and electrical called Beacon today and say $50 on all electrical work. Just call 1.

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