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I'm curious. What do you think uniquely put you in position to eventually become the CEO given your background and product you know indeed is a technology company at its core. And when the company was founded our, we had two co founders, which was actually a an interesting thing. Also I'm sure you've. You've talked to a lot of company leaders, and indeed was founded by by two guys. Rony Kahan and Paul foerster. They were fifty fifty partners Paul with CEO Ronnie was CTO but when they started the company, there were two decisions that they made. That were really critical to the business. A whole and I think this this is maybe a roundabout way of answering your questions but the the two important decisions they made. WAS THAT NUMBER ONE? This is a marketplace. You have two sides of job. Seekers and employers, and they decided that the job seeker would always come first that. That is a a kind of radical decision. Because typically in a marketplace, most people will say that whoever is you're paying? Customer is the most important in our case. Seekers never pay indeed employers do, but they decided that the most important thing was the job seeker experience. If we could create an experience that was simpler faster more trustworthy for job seekers, then we would eventually be able to be more successful at helping more job. Seekers get jobs, and at the other end of every single one of the successful searches would be an employer who made a higher and we'd be able to build A. A business around that the second one was. If you're building a business that has a job seeker, first mentality than how you make money has to be really in line with that, and so the other big decision that they made was unlike all of the other job sites at the time where you had to pay to post a job. Getting a job onto indeed was free. In fact, we did all the work to find all these jobs and bring them onto the site we launched in two thousand and four with a million jobs today. There's more than twenty million jobs on the site. But no one ever pays to get a job on, but the business model is pay for performance and so employers if they want more candidates than they're getting through or search, they can what we call sponsor those jobs where they put some budget behind it, and then there's an auction that decides. What's the most relevant job to show a job? Seeker and employers only pay when we. We actually send a candidate to them..

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