Howard Johnson, President Trump, Mrs Sereno discussed on BBC World Service


And on the balance of forces within its leadership and how will the iranian public react mr trump's decision clearly has an impact on global security on regional rivalries in the middle east but does it give the green light to war who the opportunity to negotiate something broader and better that will keep the peace that's the real story from the bbc coming up after the news hello i'm ws with the bbc news the newly elected prime minister of malaysia mahathir mohammad has said that the imprisoned opposition leader anwar ibrahim will get an immediate royal pardon dr mahachi said mr anwar would be able to return to politics but did not elaborate on whether he would be brought into the cabinet straight away can parliament so these process take long time whether he would immediately joined the cabinet will be decided when the time comes anwar ibrahim format deputy prime minister has been imprisoned since february twenty fifteen jonathan head reports from kuala lumpur twenty years ago mahachi muhammad sacked anwar ibrahim as deputy prime minister and had him imprisoned on dubious sodomy charges today he's calling for his release from a second jail term imposed three years ago such is the remarkable turnaround in malaysian politics which has seen the ninety two year old former prime minister returned to office this time as leader of the opposition inflicting the first ever defeat on the ruling party he wants lead getting on what abraham pardoned was one of the conditions for dr maha tier to be accepted by an opposition movement he wants tried to crush the philippines high court has made history by removing the country's chief justice from office it ruled that maria sereno had failed to submit statements of her earnings howard johnson is in manila this is the first time in the philippines the chief justice has been removed from office in this way mrs serena has also been facing separate impeachment proceedings for twentyseven allegations of wrongdoing including corruption and betrayal of the public trust speaking to bbc news she described the allegations as hogwash and said that the actions against her were unconstitutional and political mrs sereno has been a fierce critic of president rodrigo deterred he's worn drugs a campaign which has seen thousands of drug users and dealers killed during police operations he united nations has.

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