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I repaired some relationship stemming from the dunk lubbock toward without stu guts disaster that was this morning a fund morning was that oh yeah it was a glass last night a yesterday my very first a meeting of the day was with uh seth markman very nice man non that uh run some of the nfl south that we have here and look our show in the nfl it it it may not be a matching we totally get it some of those guys are uncomfortable with what we do totally understand it's a little bit more conservative so what i was just trying to do was say hey we're coming from a a funny place were just trying to get some fun content uh we're not meaning to offend anybody for your that's not the intention you can call me directly if there's ever a problem does he like our show who's who seth mark malloch you talk about that off the air with like who cares whether can legs are xuan us interested in my gut the vied that he likes our shoulder into the know let who care or sets the deal but i don't want this is the thing though guy what i'm wondering if if mike is going up there and he's getting a bunch of white corporate talk like i we love the show bought with all shut by it out is the thing though i don't want to be aligned with these conservative sensibilities and so if they want to if they don't like that we call i've as an example tedy bruschi baghdad bruschi and then we have to go up there and explain to them what baghdad bruschi even means and mike's in a meeting talking about the gulf war i'm i'm much sitting there putting mike in these terrible terrible positions again and again terrible position and again and again and just now i did again i mean i'm trying to repair stuff i'd much rather not talk about it but that's a show love sank in why don't you put it all on me just put it all on me is that not solvent but then you come off like a jer but no this is the thing no that's okay for me to come off his the jerk like i don't want to be governed by any of the.

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