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We're following breaking news out of South Carolina, where a former attorney, Alec Murdoch has just been sentenced to life in prison The sentence is coming after a jury found him guilty yesterday of murdering his wife and son, the jury deliberated less than three hours yesterday before the sentence was handed down this morning, Murdoch repeated his claim that he is innocent, a special report is coming from CBS News at ten 30. In other news, police say he killed two people in fairfax county and then left the country for Africa. Now he's been convicted and will soon learn his prison sentence. I'm just hoping that the families can start to feel some closure. Fairfax county Commonwealth's attorney Steve descano says it took a while, but now a jury has found Johannes nesbitt guilty of voluntary manslaughter in the shooting death of hanok Johannes in 2016. Last year nece was convicted of shooting and killing Kidd simena in the same incident, prosecutors say he killed both the victims after a drug deal went bad, then fled to Ethiopia. It took years through a lot of processes to get him back to stand trial for the killing of two individuals. Neces will be sentenced in June. Nick and Ellie WTO P news. Sports at 25 and 55 powered by Red River, technology decisions aren't black and white. Think red. Ten 25, Dave Preston is here. The NHL trading deadline is less than 5 hours away. Capitals have made multiple moves over the last 8 days. They stand four points out of the second wild card with 19 games remaining on the schedule NBA wizards are in a time for 9th place in the Eastern Conference after their 6th win in 9 games. They take on Toronto again tomorrow in D.C., men's college basketball American has advanced to the patriot league semifinals for the first time since 2016 eagles visit Lafayette Sunday. They split with the leopards in the regular season. Each team went on the opposite schools home floor. Howard heads into next week's miak tournament as the number one seed bison wrapping up their first outright conference title since 1987. Women took the biggies tournament begins this morning, Georgetown battling butler at 11, Atlantic ten tournament continues with George Macy meeting top seed UMass at 11 a.m. George Washington plays Rhode Island this afternoon. Meanwhile, Maryland enters the Big Ten tournament on a 6 game winning streak between your guard Abby Myers knows. Martha is an entirely new season. You're gonna see different players step up in big moments. And you're gonna obviously the great see the great players continue to do their thing. But I think you gotta treat each team. Is there a new opponent? I think that's the mentality we need to come in with. Church flail Illinois tonight in the quarterfinals. Exhibition baseball CJ Abrams will bat lead off for the nationals this afternoon with in their game with the New York mets. Soccer D.C. United science former black and red midfielder yamil Assad to a one year contract. Dave Preston WTO sports. They were following breaking news this morning as disbarred South Carolina attorney, Alec Murdoch, has received his sentence

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