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The opinions of the host Saad, Katie w when are their own and do not necessarily reflect the views of this station, its management, or Beasley Media Group. Welcome to the boxing. With the hall of fame. Boxing, referee, Joe Cortez and Tojo's Johnson for all. Come on guys. Fair but firm. Welcome to the Feber firm show. Here we joke Cortes, and my co hosts John Zimmer here in Las Vegas again to boxing capital of the world. However, there is no bucket here. The other night as well promotional car the night in San San with Floyd Mayweather promotions. Is we also have a big fight coming from Madison Square Garden. Danny Jacobs fighting Sergei, Jeremiah Cinco. I'll let you say. I think. The whole alphabet into in his name. It's dog names now and be like the globalization of boxing. But now the names you gotta take take all classes on how to pronounce his name. I'll tell you that that was was not the best way to. Speeches for now seychas and diction, my friend Jackie by one of my directors back in New York says Joe we got to practice on that diction because your Spanish is all mixed up with the English as a, you know, Pathak I'll get him we build another. I don't care. Anyway. The thing is is that Danny Jacobs fighting tonight. For the IBM vacant middleweight championship. And one thing. I can take by Danny Jake was not only is he news perish to so many folks out there. The man is a cancer survivor. Oh, yeah. I k- and I met him when he was a young teenager about sixteen seventeen years of age in Oxnard, California when he was fighting for the national police league championships. And I remember him fighting that afternoon, and I was out there to help out with the youth programs in California that weekend and my friends at Chrissy in was the one who invited me Tommy Joe, you know, you gotta come. Everybody was talk which is a good place to go was to that letter b boxing program, Danny Jacobs. I met him laying down. Yes. Lane down on top of a pool table. Stitched up after the fight. He got cut and I walked into the back room. They had a pool table and a recreation area didn't have a place to sell him up. The doctor was on top of the pool. Table say what the heck is going to play a pool game out. There was a post game, Danny Jacobs. Danny jacobs. Instead anyway. That I met Danny Jacobs when he wanted to middleweight championship in New York. A couple of years back, and he told me Mr. Cortes the next day into lobby of Cortes. Elliot's tell you that I could regulate for his graduation, and you will last night. I won't tell you. You remember, but a fighter that you met in Oxnard, California. And I was laying on top put a pool table when he was teaching me up. Wow. That will gradually you're good fighter. Anyway, he is a great fighter. He is. What a journey. He's had since that pool. Table, man. This guy has has battled a rare form of bone cancer, come back, and and not just survive. He's not just against the survivor. He's now I mean battling again for the middleweight championship. And this is a big deal. Let's talk about we had two belts changed hands in the middleweight division last week with Dmitri's Andrade, and and Ryota Murata given up his belt. We had the WB regular belt home, and we had the WBO millwood, they'll find a home, and this is important because the highest paid athlete in the entire world is a is middleweight prizefighter. And so these guys, you know, this is a big deal. If you get one of these belts in an opportunity for him to unify then you got yourself, a solid payday. I mean, both these guys are fighting for a lot tonight. And and it's no pushover. This is a lot of people. Consider there's a fifty fifty call. And that's saying something you might not have heard the name derived chango, but just know the people that have remember it because he's he's good. Yeah. No question about a Danny Jacobs fighting in the Midwest Division. Of course, you got the canal, which is a high Fe ethic. He has mentioned is the guy decided canal, obviously had a two hundred sixty five million dollars deal. Big one. Days and days in the day's coming out of out of nowhere and it coming off until sixty five million dollars. I hope that they can live up to that contract where with Cannella big bucks. It's only about ball with thirty million dollars per fight the deal you're going to have. But anyway, I it just funny how the divisions are just popping up all over the division if the hottest division out there. But now you see. You know, we've been saying that for a long time middle is right there. I mean, look at the Charles brothers are co headlining a big events in the Barclay center in December twenty second. Yeah. One of them is a middleweight. He's great. I mean, you've got obviously, Danny Jacobs. You've got triple g who's one of the most recognized boxers on the planet right now. You obviously have canal Alvarez, the biggest drawn sport, and the highest paid athlete in the world. You have. I mean, you know, there's a bunch of guys in that division. They have make legally Billy Joe Saunders. And you know, where I may be coming back. How come? Of course, Basso got a little spark flash. You probably do do middleweight anyway. But I can tell you December. We also have that Deontay wilder fighting a fury that going to be a good fight out December first. This is a very sparring. You're in the midst and the he looks fast, man. He was really really fascinating. I hope is is solid me through because he you need you need you need that. He so hard that you you got to see what your ties with you can take withstands punches. Now, the I do I mean, if you had not for a fighter of the fourth skillful fighters, but he has four fighter would have bunch of power that the wall has no no one one you people Hadman Dante wall can put a halter warlike nothing. And I don't wanna get hit by the guy with WALDO. One of the hardest punchers I mean, heavyweight division histories up these in the conversation. I mean, he's these which is, you know, the only reason why you say that is because this is a guy who liked me said forty you know, with thirty nine knockouts, he's not everybody's ever faced. He's a skill wise. You wouldn't even have them in the top one hundred heavyweights ever. But I mean as far as his record goes in his resume and a lot of other things he's you know, he's starting to build himself a an all time great resume right now. And he's doing it just behind the back of that huge right hand. Yeah. One of these also we can't forget, Mike Tyson. My time with people get up for a beer during the fight because you come back and fight. Many times. They don't blink. I mean, Mike Tyson was a devastating pack fight. I referenced him nine times a night occasions, and I can tell you every one of those fights ended up almost like an a one a two run knock out with the accent. When he fought. Exactly what he fought the name James quick Tillis for the first time, we went to dishes, James quick Tillis drive to fifty straight knockouts. But here we're talking about the author wallet has already thirty nine. A straight knockout one nine of forty forty. Yeah. But that's a cool thing. The fun thing about the Anthony wilder to me is is he can lose any time to you know, he's mechanics and so all over the place, but there's no guarantee that he's gonna win every fight. You you can't you literally can't blink during a DNC wilder fight especially against someone with the caliber of caliber opponent like Tyson fury at any point is a very could just start pounding and finding is weak spots. Start exploiting them or Deontay wilder could find that sin. And then over any second. You literally can't get up. Don't get a drink. Don't get anything. Just stay your eyes fixed. Louis thirteen minutes and one second all of a sudden while there was almost down on the NFL Ron going out to the lot of division going back. Now, we're talking about Mikey Garcia fighting aerospace. That's crazy. I mean. This is a two fighters in their prime. Yes. Top ten pound for pound fighters in their in their prime Earls fence is. It might be the baddest man in the band of toughest division in the world. He may be. But he hasn't been put up against. Exactly. Talent. But my year has never fought at one forty seven. Fun at one forty and look a big. I mean, this is this is I can't think of another time where I mean. They want to compare this to when Amir Khan can Nello or when kill broke fight triple g and other times where guys went up to Glazer or Riggan DAL fought Loma Janko. But in all those situations. There was a it was a lower rated pound for pound fighter going up to divisions divide a higher higher. Rated pound for pound fighter. That's not the case in this one is the other way around the higher ranks pound for pound. Fighter is going up to divisions to fight the baddest man in that division is just as the same situation. John we got so much to talk about so much in the package today. This brief commercial be right back. Coming soon limousine luxurious assisted living residents is.

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