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Henry what are you talking like. He's on he's on like third dinner right now. Guys the only reason I need to the very end was because because You know I took my son. It was Christmas present. He is a major fiend. Ray Y fan and I had to stay to the very end. uh-huh he could be Ray Wyatt Russell. The move Jason Jason. Does that concern you. That your son is Arad with a terrible horrible monster. That is the feeding green. He was pressuring me last night to try to buy the May. I bought him the gloves. And he was pressuring me all night to get the mess and I just couldn't get in for fifty dollars man but a man put in a box and let him see getting under the tree civility. You know I am saying that when you already know what's important to them and I'm GonNa tell you right now man like A A lot of people come up to me and and they say man. It was so much fun watching you in the hall of pain error in the hall all the Pain Era. I never spoke to people other than to berate him to browbeat them. And now that I'm retired. People say man Dan. I just enjoy watching you. And I'm like I was the bad guy but why it is is that he. He's so oh good at what he does that. It doesn't matter that he's the bad guy to them he's entertaining and he's the thing that draws their attention to most and sometimes that's more important than being good or bad. Yeah and Jason. At least you didn't ask for the seven thousand dollars belt so I mean full all right well. Hey I wish I had that money because I want that belt just I I personally. Yeah that's true. That's when we were talking. We were talking about that last week. I didn't know that that was tom like. I didn't know that. Was The guy like the horror master with the dropdown down crotch industrial dawn. Yeah I didn't know that all the dead movies but yeah I mean to have some hand made by him. I would gladly if I had that money paid for now. My wife would probably leave me but in my health. I'm GonNa tell you there's a little story one of the best moments that I've had this year was I was hanging out at home. It was off day. I'm on my couch and my phone rings and I looked down. Don't recognize the numbers of four one five number which is Pittsburgh and I'm like man is is must be Kurt. Angle calling me from home number a land line or something and it was Thompson Levin and he was saying Hey man thank you for a the complimenting the mask because it was after show where I commented the fact that I don't like scary stuff is it. I mean it's common knowledge. They win. Bray Wyatt came out with that lantern with Bray Wyatt face with the Oh man I couldn't I still giving me shivers just to talk about it and he called me and said Hey man I appreciate you talking about that on your show you know. And I'm a busted open listener. I was like what may call only in. Please call in to see a great interview. I would love to hear how they came up with the concept because to be honest with you that Bray Wyatt mask it reminds me I mean. I don't know if you guys are into conical but back in two years ago. They did a a Batman storyline. The joker cut his face fall. And then war as a mask so so much similar to the Bray Wyatt Mask but you know it was done in the joker colors but I would love to know how they came up with the idea for for various character and a mask and just everything you know what I think. They're going to have to do a documentary on it. Because I actually know the story and talk to Bray Wyatt about it but Yeah that that would be a great documentary to talk about the whole even the music and everything and you talked about that The Batman they actually. I don't know if you had the D. C. APP on your phone but if you have the the DC APP on your phone and you go to Harley Quinn's Harlequin has a series on On in DC. They joker actually did that in one harlequin series where he took somebody's face off the skin off his head and use their face as a mask and I was like you started talking cartoons and comic books brother the U.. In My wheelhouse. That's my life. I'm a nerd to mark. I mean I've got over fifty thousand Comic Books Ten Thousand Action I mean. I've got eight championship. Shinkin ship replica belts. I've gotTA ric Flair Room. I mean that's that's man. I'm coming to your house in Plano. I was just going to say we watch WRESTLEMAINIA. Jason Sows Jason. Do we shake eight. The call man appreciate the call man appreciate it. Thank you guys very much for your time for very cool. I love it when super fans call and people that are interested listing. Like guys. Explain yourself sometimes. Sometimes you call in and you don't tell us who you are like we know more about Jason Now and I I I love that. That's that's that's good conversation right there and that's that's what this is about. It's not just as analyzing wrestling and critiquing it. is is trying to bring rain you into this family and with Y'all if you call and listen to us like y'all are family outta reason that we do this so Yeah tell us about yourself a little bit. Yeah make us getting up at four thirty one west coast get up in the morning something to be happy for. Yeah we get over here talk pro wrestling for three hours but I want to hear about ten thousand is an action. Figures like ten thousand action figures. Like I didn't even know they made ten thousand as you say the history of progress. I said fifty thousand comic books. He said fifty thousand comic books he said Ric Flair Robe eight titles and I think he said ten thousand action figures. I bet you that you know like when I walk in my son's room Jacob has probably about two hundred action figures and he'll have them all poured out You'll have mall poured out on the floor and brother. It looks like a train wreck. It looks like a cyclone. Hit Somebody Zack. Ryder Is One of those guys that I bet. She's got ten thousand action figures the more likely.

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