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You come in from the west spill way and bunny Kerry spill way from a plus is looking really good all the way and once you touch down in Kenner all the winter can remember you got no delays all the way into downtown the earlier break down it met every road has been cleared all lanes are open and there's no delay coming in from the east no problems on the twin span at the high run Sir secondary delays on to the river band expressway in Claiborne all clear traffic traveling pretty close to the speed limit all the way into downtown coming over from the west bank to the east bank we're seeing a very slight slowdown around general de Gaulle but once you get into the flow of traffic on the crescent city connection traffic moves well in the late bound expressway through downtown the river bend expressways looking good to to the west bank from the east bank traffic brought to you by Nampa what does building a better bank look like it starts with building Capital One cafes warm inviting places that feel nothing like a typical bank where you can open an account with no fees or minimums in five minutes and you'll always find people ready to help you not sell you welcome to banking re imagine what's in your wallet for consumers only offered by Capital One N. A. member FDIC copies available in select locations copyright twenty eighteen Capital One get a traffic tip call Debbie Debbie L. five a four to six so in fact from W. W. well the news talk sports power house.

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