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I like I still impressed by the screen. I think needs to get a move on putting the messages complications on in for growth and rounding out that I'm very happy. I wrote like what we talked about before. I don't think there's anything. Crazy. I've changed in that time of the moment. Yeah. Even like just right now, I was looking out my wrist and. Looking at the goals in still the black display and the blacks band. I'm really happy just looking at this watch. And just makes me happy in a way that I expected and came through some of the things in my notes this week. The thing you mentioned complications and like limited. A couple cases on the infographics faces that had me look if he weeks ago at some third party apps just to get kind of the same data on the new watch faces at apple wasn't supplying and carrot whether as one of those and I've never used it because like the snarky stuff and the humor like, I'm very humorous person. Like, I've just never connected with it in a weather app or like any of the carrot apps for some reason. And but the fact that they had a corner complication info graph made me like like buy it and pay for the annual subscription for like, the bonus pack that gives you watch features for like three bucks or something. And so then I had it on the graph analog phase. And then had like humidity data on the and forgot modular face. But I started this week putting it on other watch faces like just replacing anywhere. I have weather putting carrot because it shows you like an icon for the. Condition like sunny, rainy, cloudy, whatever the temperature, and then I've got humidity so three data points and one like text line without it being ugly or weird. And I I find that amount of density, one complication, I can I can sometimes get more information on these analog faces than I could do on on the new and forgot modular because of care which is not new. It's just like new to me. So my endorsement for care weather with like never using the iphone app at all. And not getting any of this murky stuff like even like the series stuff with it. I'm just using it as a complication on the watch. I'm really happy with it for that. And like I was looking at my subscription to discuss the troops last week. This is one that like three bucks, and I'm happy with it every day go probably renew that some happy with it. But I've been using go ahead. Yeah. The like the existence of apple complications step one. Yeah. But they still could do more with like allowing you to customize for each one shows like I think calendars legs, right? You use my bed unless you pick like different configurations of day. Mum, fear. You know, like. Like all different options, and you can twist Iran and gigli up and the apple complications, very nice. But they're very limited..

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