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Grows his own and makes his own going. You're the guy who grows his own and makes his own gummies. Wait a minute. Did you call me from your back porch the other night? Maybe it could've been, yes, but this it's got nothing to do. This got nothing to do with the marijuana. Okay, It's got something to do what people taking care of their small engine motors. Okay. I went today to the joint airport and bought effort off free gasoline, okay? Now, Every everywhere you go, you put gas in your car. That's F knowledge. But when you want your small motors and your lawn, Mars and snow blowers and whatever you have, we always use ethanol free gasoline. So that's what everybody should know. Okay, when cars are not cars, one small little motors like, Ah, lot Morris and stuff like that way I always get Happen all free gasoline across movement, Mar money and you can't find it anywhere. You have to go. Like I said, I want to the Juliet airport to get it. Wow. Yes, that motor sits like a lot more second, do anything all winter long. Yes, you are. A snow blower doesn't do anything off summer long used ethanol free gasoline. Okay. Cost of it. My extra money. All right, uh, And guess what happens. It's worse right up. All right. Well, thank you, Robinson. I appreciate your input and time to get back to the gummies and the weed. Let's go to Rebecca. Rebecca, You're a bookie check. Hello. Okay, We're gonna go to Carl. Hello, Carl. Yeah, I'm gonna go all the way to the Juliet airport from of gasoline. Yeah, sure. Okay. Can Yeah, it's gone. This is Karl with a cake. Got questions for you. Okay? Small does not Jim Bohannon sound like week. Martin Dale. A little bit. Yeah, little bit okay, but more importantly, to More importantly in regard to course, Richman in young friends state, Okay, Yeah, I'm literally found this outside minutes ago. I want to see if you know the answer to this question. Okay? Why do the snow is not a joke, right? Why do the horses React violently when her name is mentioned. Somebody sticks him in the butt. No, Apparently, Blucher means glue. Internist. Uh oh, yeah, yeah. Yeah, You're right. I did not know that for all these years, but I don't think the horses know that. It would be good point, John. So whatever you say, Frau Blucher. The uh Yeah, Well, you know, I'd be avoiding the glue too, if I were them. Thanks for calling Carl. You were so you went to 981 75 100. Let's go to Whoever you are. J r is again today. It is its name today. Yes, And you know they did understand it because they were German horses in Germany. So He did understand it. Blucher Roof? Yes, sad note regarding your previous interview. The Franklin Mint is no more. Really, It's going to be a target and some other gland of big stores. It was empty for about 10 years on us one outside of Philadelphia. When, uh oh, it was. It was huge. It was a big, modern looking building with a great big Franklin Mint sign elect. It's a singular letters on heads out front. And they actually I think they did stamp. Uh, coins there. So that's how they call it. It meant you could go in to the skit was like even Then I had a well I had a museum for awhile, too. But that's called gotten Thorne down and redeveloping the whole area with houses and lands, a big stores and everyone else, But, yeah, it was a real place. Yeah, You know, I didn't. I didn't get to the all the stuff that was in that book, too. I mean, you know, there's The alleged, um What's the word? I'm looking upper, you know, like Cam occur slammer or the sharper image. You know, the more Tony high level Chachi stuff that we don't really need. Right. And you had to Mr Microphone, and that was 1995 back then. So what was that? Like? $60? Not Hey, Hey, there. Good looking, we'll be back up soon. I'm sure she was still waiting. And how many of those stores that were mentioned where it's available are still open like ours. Wilco Osco. We bolt? Yeah. Yeah. I mean, that was another part of that We didn't really have time to talk about. But the stores that carried a lot of these things are no longer with us for one reason or another. Yes s and H green stamps. What about that? I mean, a man just all so. Oh, let me stop trying to get things for free. Well, something that Woz and has come back. I just noticed for the first time last night Name that tune, you know? Well, what Go ahead the auto show when it is in Chicago over McCormick Place. I would go over there. You know, the cars are fine, but I was always go into the basement and in the back of the basement, they'd have pitchman like With Ginn's Ooh knives. Oh, yeah. And the car wax that you'd never wax your car guard. Just crazy stuff that was like my favorite place to be Yeah, The car's right. But looking plate with your name on it. And look at this fine fudge from the country in Mishawaka. Uh, I think it was also Somewhere in Michigan. Why don't I think that I don't know, Pranking movie? I don't know Well, so anyway, but I would like to do very quickly here is play with you. Americans favor in the card game show Stump. The studios now a friend and I used to do cassette letters back and forth with each other. And it's a form of name that tune But you have to hum the intro. So let's just see how good you are. We're gonna take a 60 song. Let's see if you can if I can stump you here. With Dan and then to Dan to Dan. Dan. Dan. Dan direct it I'm supposed to. Yes, that's what makes it hard because I have no idea the spinners I'll be around. That's a lot of 60 song. Yes. Uh, how long am I wrong? Seventies. You're right. Think you're right off. This is all right, Alex. Your e..

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