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Two men dead and one woman in critical condition. Austin Police Officer Katrina Ratcliffe says it happened as a man was driving in the wrong direction collided head on. The truck pulling a travel trailer due to the collision, a major fire and both the wrong way. Driver was thrown from the car and found dead. The driver of the truck was also dead on the scene. His passenger is now hospitalized in critical condition due to the economic shutdowns. Six Texas craft breweries say they are permanently closing half those war in Austin. Texas Craft Brewers Guild and Austin Beer Works is co owner and Devour, says breweries were doing what needed to be done during the pandemic, but still had to shut down their patios and halls by order of governor Greg Abbott. We're mostly doing our service outdoors with social distancing where the tables are actually physically distance. Everybody's wearing masks and everybody's evening hand sanitizer and all the best practices that all of our friends in the restaurant industry or doing, however, were still denied ability. Actually, operator Devour says if restaurants are able to operate under those same practices, so should breweries. John Cooley News, Radio K O b. J 704 Here's Austin's on Time traffic with Melinda Branch and that fatal collision Mark was just telling you about in the news on 35 North bound just south of total, 45 still causing heavy congestion. I'm hearing that they have reopened some of the lanes. But traffic is solid from windy, Windy Hill Road all the way to south 45. Your next report said 7 15 I'm Melinda Brant, with Austin's on time traffic..

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