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He's upset about liquor stores. And then he's just got a list of people. He doesn't like ninety three WIBC full show. Subscribe to the Danish show cast on your eyes to catch anything. You may have missed. So we're watching this shutdown the shutdown battle in the Senate did nothing nothing advanced in the house nothing advanced in the Senate. So we're back at square one Republicans tried twice to get federal employees paid didn't happen. My goodness. I'm I'm just like watching all of this stuff unfold and trying to see how how all of this is gonna play out. I'm really curious as to how Chuck Grassley. Well, how he's what he's 'cause sometimes he gets that up with stuff one of my favorite things in the world. By the way is to read Senator Chuck Grassley Twitter feed. And he always like whenever he goes back to his home state. He always talks about he always talks about and he's from Iowa, he's he's a Senator from Iowa, and he always talks about deer accidents. And how bad they are. I was reading the story. This is crazy. This woman was killed. Because of a deer. I mean, you you have they have like, you know, the deer that when we have this all the time. I mean, I have my husband, and I when we were dating we ran into well, the deer ran into us. The deer was in our lane. But this woman already in in twenty thousand nine hundred thirty seven to people in Iowa that have been killed in a crash with ear, isn't it a horrible? So like whenever I read his Twitter feed. And I'm thinking gosh, dang. That's awful. I because it is it's horrible. And they do come out of nowhere. You always have to be like really like whenever I go. Visit my mom at her house in Missouri. A lot of wooded area. And I'm just like my neck is on my heads on the swivel man goodness. And then I don't know. I bought my husband. And I when we were dating we hit a deer, and he had to go get his Carfax and that was like super super expensive, by the way, speaking of.

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