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Com I've got this practical for shar pei rescue dogs Jimmy coco another shar pei one who is Joe I have stuck with the dynamite my goodness probably five six years he people remark on really how well my dog what you hold close they I told me up they get a regular diet a dynamite with every meal kind of fight is it trash and all I have to do is say dog food instead of pandemonium they can be half asleep and they're often thrilled apple plans you don't need to wait until the problem presents itself it's far better to keep the dog happy and healthy at all times dynamite for life your dog will be I tell I get my died overnight from the I. N. O. V. I. T. dot com learn more about the podcast you're listening to right now at one oh six one FM talk dot com always free this is just one of over twenty five thousand podcasts available on I heart radio let's get back to him now all right so back in the day when they first split off this company that rivers running through this town it was a really big deal it wasn't just a sibling rivalry it it became a town wide rivalry yeah in the U. you worked for one company or the other as a family like a husband and wife didn't work they didn't split up in one work at home and one worked at adidas samba plus I mean if you fell in love with somebody from a family across the rivers like yours that was sorry yeah I got a Romeo and Juliet thing going on that ain't gonna work crazy it is it I I was glad that one this one of the local historians whose interview for one of these articles said it wasn't like bloody or anything like Sherin lost their lives over this it was just you know if you work for puma he stayed on the Pumas side of the river he works for a DTS you stayed on the adidas the river and each each group kept to themselves that was all yeah and it still carries over to this day some of those recent interviews that we both read I mean it's certainly now it's a little more good natured ribbing but they say when you walk around this town walk through a playground and you see will you will see kids kitted out in all the dealers or all puma right and this is Kerry down from generations where they were adidas or puma families and it was a really big deal and still remains so to this day such that the the mayor who actually came from a poem a family yeah but to be mayor you can't you know you got to be a politician sure so he will wear to some events casual events puma gear and sometimes adidas gear of initially in two thousand nine they had a friendly soccer match between the the official puma sponsored team in adidas team in here for one to my shoe and wanted the issue just to remain neutral I guess end to look like a total jackass roughly then they showed him rubbing like his poem his adidas but later on they come on camera so this is the that like you said there was a soccer game that was played between adidas and puma kind of a reconciliation thing on international peace day back in I think two thousand nine yeah that happened think about this the the route and the Rudy and ID das slurs died in the seventies within four years of each other this is two thousand nine before the company's finally kind of have this reconciliation game yeah and yet today still it's like you kind of will you'll gently you know make fun of somebody wearing adidas if you're puma family or whatever the well the brothers were alive the if you just steer clear of everybody who is on the on the other side so much so that hurts so was known as the town of the lowered gaze because if you came upon somebody on the street you would look at their shoes to see what shoes they were wearing before you decide whether you're gonna toxin that's not funny it was that it was that established this bread these brothers hatred and rivalry of one another they didn't speak for decades spread out into the town that was divided by this river and the town itself took sides it because of this rift between these brothers that all started supposedly in this a bomb shelter during World War two yeah and that the mayor hacker his first name is German could that be right J. remembrancer R. Herman is they don't say Germany over there anyway yeah they say Deutschland yeah but but where would that be Herriman no I guess they spell her ms with an H. yeah I think it would be mayor Gammon haka right yeah there's an ATM in hockey soccer who's under Rath but he says if someone someone comes in through the door to this day your gaze to wander through their shoes is just in the DNA of those people that this athletic here is so important it's so strange such a cool cool weird story it is a great story sibling rival unison hatred and like you said they didn't speak for decades apparently much later in life there were a couple of times when they were rumored to have spoken once I think they ran into each other at an airport once they saw each other at a hotel and I believe on the deathbed which one try to get in touch with the other Rudy Rudy dying put out the call that I would like to see my brother R. D. one more time and IT went no thanks okay nine can you believe it yeah man that's that's tough so they died the family sold the the business in the eighties late eighties and they got bought by Legg corporate conglomerates sure ironically proven now owns Reebok and Gucci owns puma but I did this is still just a devious but again it's it's own buy like a mega conglomerate right and they've they've just gone enormous and make billions of dollars a year so the families are necessarily involved but one family member still works in the business his name is Frank das slur I believe he was Rudy's grandson and he used to work at puma he was pretty high up in puma yeah now he works as the head of the legal department for adidas which insides it's a pretty good indication of how how much the this Cold War is kind of thought between the two companies quite a bit because the people running it have no skin in the game they don't they don't care anymore you know yeah or he's an attorney and he would just after the most money right he's like let me suck your blog so we have a fun little postscript on this I know we've been talking about run DMC mmhm and again you young ins it might be second nature now to associate athletic gear and the hip hop and rap music and culture but back in the early nineteen eighties that was not the case until run DMC came along now like a year your wrappers probably dressed like a gone in king yeah or maybe like the New York dolls yeah or just like I mean I sometimes I feel like I've seen just like denim jackets and just sort of like just sort of street wear which is the funniest thing I've ever said it was pretty on I don't wanna say anything ma'am Clyde street where so you know play close so run DMC changed everything when they released a single called by adidas yeah and I saw elsewhere that they released the single my adidas kind of in retaliation to Michael on a song called felling shoes so if you ever notice that run DMC wore their adidas without laces with the tongues popped out and I noticed there was supposedly because that's how people in prison had to wear shoes because they weren't allowed to have shoe laces and they were kind of saying like we're down with all of our buddies imprisoned so this song fell in shoes basically was making fun of that and basically teaching kids not to not to emulate prisoners and run DMC took issue with that and they ended up releasing my adidas the song on raising hell in nineteen eighty six sorry raisin hell yes Sir member of my family isn't it busted Disney world wants I think in a matter of windows were foggy and I was so into run DMC I just wrote raising hell in the fog on the window on the bus that that was really whole area that is a great story so I was into my ideas to because of run DMC but it wasn't just me apparently if you want to run DMC show on the raising hell tour or the together forever tour in nineteen eighty six or eighty seven when they sing my ideas everybody we take off their shoes and hold their adidas in the air yeah that's how that's how big of an impact the song had yeah and in nineteen eighty six a senior employee to do this name Angelo and Stasio went to that tour at Madison Square Garden since all this happened with the adidas sneakers and was like hold on a minute wait just a second we could have something here mmhm ran back to the headquarters and within just a few days they signed them to a million dollar endorsement deal and that was like a sea change forward for hip hop groups getting money and all sorts of ways yeah and apparently made adidas's sales just go through the roof yeah yeah it is like that began the marriage of like I'm gonna put out a record I need to get a shoe deal I might get a vodka sponsor like no yeah I'll get money flown in from all kinds of directions and run DMC started it all vodka's phone service so there is a feeling of seeing that now yeah you know he's totally have legs P. Diddy and ciroc vodka I think yeah look it works I associate P. Diddy and ciroc vodka enters nodding wrecked awesome thanks injury Jerry would been like what and my missus getting cold hurricane hysteria we will hurry up goes to Jerry if you want to know anything else about adidas and puma will discuss our reading up more if there's actually a book by a woman named Barbara Smith called sneaker wars appropriately all about the rift between adidas and puma so if you wanna know more about it that's a pretty good place to start and since I said that it's time for a listener mail can we call this sponges can you guys system the Pando I was excited you know mention glass sponges which are thought to be the oldest animals on earth I am a PhD student at the script institution of oceanography in San Diego and I study marine sponges because they make all sorts of unique molecules that can be used as new medicines I think sponges at the coolest animals on earth and I'd love to share some of my favorite sponge fun facts the reading not only respond just thought to be the oldest living single living animals on earth but some evolutionary biologist even think sponges were the first animals to ever evolve in other words are less common animal ancestor could very well have been a sponge that's so cool did you know the first anti viral drug approved by the FDA was developed from a molecule.

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