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On the radio on one and two point seven kiss FM, sixty minutes. Non gonna kick it off next. These tickets man juice world may second. Greek theater. We wanna see useless for me. Now. Two you're hooked on lies to hit eight hundred five zero one or two seven good luck. Got by tickets access dot com dot com, but once again for the free hookup for me now. What are you? What are you? How'd you get humiliated? What do you mean? Too much. Good. Back lunch should be more than a meal. It should be die getaway. So we let you create your own lunch. Come by starting at seven ninety nine. Enjoy a juicy steak house or even and let the bold flavors outback lunchtime fibers take you on an unforgettable math watering journey all on your lunch fry so hurry into creating your own lunch combo starting at seven ninety nine. Let the is Tyke you away at backstage Cass Ozzie. Rules prizes. Production participation may vary while supplies last. If you're bored or crushing candy make the switch to best fades this. Bob star. Rated mobile game is not your average puzzle game. It's a game America's fallen in love with solve puzzles and click toxic Q characters. Find out what best beans has been downloaded over ninety million tax click now to download best fees for free from the app store. Google play today that's brands without the our best beans. Hey, it's Ryan Seacrest and the Samsung galaxy S ten is everywhere. It just came out and has lived up to its next level. Everyone's love in the new ultra wide lens that snaps. The perfect picture an ultrasonic fingerprint scanner and ridiculously powerful battery. They can wirelessly power. Galaxy buds or galaxy watch amazing. It really is. It's a game changer. So don't miss out pick up yours today. The Samsung galaxy S ten available now you get up to five hundred fifty dollars when you trade in your old phone at Samsung dot com. No, an ad from mom bundle home and auto with progressive and save on your car insurance. Excuse me. Maybe we should add in the word money. So they know that they're saving money. In there. Okay. Hello. Just nodding at me..

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