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But I don't think there is good as Alabama. I think Alabama's gonna stay number one. They're going to go into the thing undefeated and right now, they're odds on favorite to win the national championship. I got home for dinner last night when that game was going on and. Tweeted this. Says anybody know where these guys are unless you. On it is that's that's that's the photo from everybody's all American, and that's Dennis Quaid, and John Goodman. Yeah. Rate goes the gray ghost and his offensive lineman. All right. Good job with that college football review. There you have it. Let's talk to Rick in cherry hill. Rick you're on ninety four very hard. You guys. All it's an honor to speak to Glenn Ray. Extremely knowledgeable. The reason for my call is I've been seeing. Jason. He's building a new trampoline place in Iran. And I'm a DC doing the job up the street, and I had to ask them about the eagles getting golden Tate. And he didn't seem golden Tate will be a good fit for the eagles in regards to running the west coast offense, which I thought was I was surprised to hear that from Golden State has said he has never played a down in west coast offense. So there's a learning curve. I know he said that this week. That said, I think with golden Tate. It's really not that hard to formulate you hit him on a six yard pattern. And he breaks it for fifteen twenty yards. I couldn't agree with you more. I couldn't give you more. I think he's a big addition. And I'm just hoping that the offense in line to give went some time back there. And I think I think we'll be seeing some good improvement there there you have it. And you'll be able to you. Vont? You knew that I agree with you. I'm gonna tell them on Monday. I feel like every day. There you go. All right. He's doing well. Jason Martin is new career. He's doing personal, fitness and training places. And so on okay. Yeah. Really? He's one of those former players has made himself part of the community. And I like that. Yes. He has I saw him at last time. I saw Jason was at the Super Bowl. He was out. He was out in Minneapolis for the Super Bowl, and I saw him out there. And there are a whole bunch of former eagles came out there for that game. And he was celebrating along with everybody else. All right, right. So the question is we get to choose a quarterback in the NFL for one throw one Dr one game one season for one throw. We said are both of us agreed on Aaron Rodgers one. Dr. I know mine you wanna go first you want me to go first. Why don't you go first despite the Super Bowl? I take Tom Brady. Okay. I gotta use them somewhere. Again, God bless Brandon Graham, God bless that play. At the end of the us not the down in the end zone. But we were pretty scared in that game. I'll take Tom Brady for one. Dr. Yeah. This is this is really this is really challenging, isn't it? Yeah. But you can use the guy because you can only use the guy wants. So it goes without saying that you're going Brady's gonna be Brady is going to be one of the four. But where's the best spot to use him? I think I'll go here to you got Brady to I think I'll go Brady here to now distance between us on those. I would I would trust him to make the right decisions. And yeah, I mean, we all know what happened in that game. But more times than not. Yeah. I'll take my chances for Brady. All right. Let's go to Marvin in Pottstown. He wants to answer. This question will hold our other two for a moment. Okay. But we both agree. Aaron Rodgers for one throw Tom Brady for one. Dr Who would you take one game one season Marvin joins us, you're on with rain Glenn. Marv. So guys com. Listen, this the first time I've ever called your particular show, by the way, my dad's name is Marvin it's a great name man represented proudly. Definitely. So I just wanted to timely question because I thought it was really intriguing question. And if I had to pick for quarterbacks starting with the one throw, I do what you guys go out Rogers because you know, you look at his career, and you see the, you know, the crazy throes you've made with that game particular where he toured the Rogers, and I think there was a game against the Cowboys a few seasons ago. He did something similar. He's had a few of those. Yeah. Yeah. Definitely if I had to take a quarterback for one drive this. Jared goff. I really like the way the Rams up playing in the way, they keep going. You know, those long drive in the winter just the way they're playing this. You came for one drive, and I'm not sure about an entire season. Okay. If I have to take a quarterback for a single game in the situation because I do agree with that offense. They have the perfect not necessarily game manager. But he, you know, it's a perfect one passed balanced on that he, you know, orchestrates in New Orleans for one by the way, let me one second. I liked that the last two quarterbacks you mentioned golfing breeze face off against each other today. So we'll get a little I'm interested to see who wins that game big saints fan. But I think the Rams take today. Okay. And my final quarterback for one season. Almost wanna say Carson Wentz. But I can't leave out to go. I gotta go Tom Brady just what he's done. He's won on sixteen straight games. Five Super Bowl rings. You can't go anywhere else. But Tom Brady. This choices. Thank me. Appreciate that. I put a lot of thought into Marvin a pleasure to speak with you. You want to do one more. You wanna hold it? Let's hold it. We'll do the top of the hour. Okay. For all. Right. So who do you want for one.

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