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You can only donate to me joe twenty seven hundred dollars that's it for each election which means you could donate fifty four hundred why because i would run in a primary man and a general if i thought it was more than that yeah no it's only twenty seven hundred per per per you can only donate that to me so it's for you know i listen i think they're really stupid these dill they're dopey what you have this closure in my opinion folks either disclosed the names of people who are donating and scrap the limits or keep the limits and keep everyone anonymous you see where i'm going with this show yeah in other words if your goal is by by instituting these hard ceilings on what joe can donate to me you're doing it because you think it's going to reduce chose influence on me like joe you can only do no matter how rich say joe's where ten million joe can still only donate to me twenty seven hundred dollars per election that's it no matter what the nash probably has some money into nashwan to support the candidates so according to that thing according to the documents they're the nash ask some other people to donate and then reimburse them that according to a federal law is a legal folks but this is typically a process thing they pay back the money and it's really not prosecuted typically in a corporate initiative sousa is a conservative so the nash was in fact prosecuted and yes you're right joe he was sentenced to some kind of like halfway house service or whatever it was.

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