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Airplane air though there's some problems with it. There are a lot of good things about airplane. Air as well that that people are not talking about and that I think make us much safer in in in that air because of the turnover and the hippo filters so you have to look at mask social distancing and then the most important thing that no one's talking about that the risk of covert is very very different indoors versus outdoors and the irony of it. All is that we live ninety percent of the time indoors and now one hundred percent of the time indoors For many of us. Because we've been asked to shelter in place and guess where the danger it's indoor the hotspot the best hope that we have and and it's important in dealing with the emotions of of this covert marathon. That were is that we prevent society from having catastrophic viral outbreaks that lead to massive loss of life and collapse of the healthcare system in other words that we flatten the curve. If we do that that's the best we can hope for. We cannot get rid of the virus until a vaccine or the virus burns out in so when we hear the news with these outbreaks. That are going to be happening. They get used to it. Any of US can get Kobe. And and the good news is that most of us will do just fine. It's about ten. Fifteen percent were the The bad things happen. Think about this for years. We've lived with flu. And No one other to do social distancing to the handwashing the not shaking hands. And so all that we're doing now is having a strong impact on lowering the transmission rate with Kobe but somber are still going to get it. So let's talk about. Let's let's talk about the weather. So why is it the weather stupid? Let's start with relative humidity so if you get a chart of Wuhan relative humidity it looks like Florida. It's about seventy five to eighty percent twelve months a year. Here's the big surprise. Is that when you look at this other metric of humidity? Which is not relative humidity. It's it's a little bit related but mostly not. It's not something you as you're at home. It's not something reported on the Weather Service but they can report it. My mission is to get them to report. It's another geeky metric and if you WANNA learn about it very quickly go to. Google and type in humidity helps fight flu. And there's a brilliant sixty seconds science podcasts. From Scientific American from two thousand and nine. This data has been around for a long time. That says we've been looking at the wrong metric to understand indoor airborne spread of viral disease. And so it's this other geeky metric so when you look at Wuhan for that metric. Oh my God it was. The indoor air in Wuhan was bone dry when a small viral outbreak exploded into a massive viral catastrophe. And then you look at New York and you look at Detroit and you look at even New Orleans. It's the last place people would think that a viral problem related to dangerously dry. Indoor air would would lead to a viral bomb but tragically when you look at the two peak days of Mardi Gras this year. There was some weather pattern. It may have been a cold front or something that came in and it changed the normally humid weather into dangerously dry indoor air and that's why the bomb went off in New Orleans. You've also mentioned meat packing plants. I believe that they have very dry. Error because of the air conditioning xactly. Because and and so if you look at the common thread behind every single outbreak I believe it's it's that you have high population density indoors plus virus plus dangerously dry indoor air. Okay now let's talk about why. The weather affects the indoor. So when you this metric which is a measure of the amount of water in the air it has been. It's not relative humidity. It's something else. And so that metric actually correlates very well with indoor air because buildings breed even high rises that are field off. That seem almost medically sealed. They are connected to the outdoors and so when the outdoor humidity amount of water in the air drops low it affects the indoor air. And then when you couple that with wintertime where you have the heat on and it really drives it out. Washington state where the first outbreak occurred. You look at win. The in that nursing home win the viral bomb went off and go back about twelve or fourteen days there. They Weather System. That came through a made the ordinarily very humid air dry. I think it was actually even in the middle of the night. You can have what I call red days or or even read hours until the part of going back to the the mindset of what we're dealing with heart of watch on lives are turned. Upside down is because we were fighting a war against an enemy that we cannot see and we have to make invisible danger visible right now. It's critical and that's why I'm pushing hard for one of the big weather services and I've really tried to reach Byron Allen at the weather channel. I haven't heard back also accuweather also. Ibm which owns the weather. Underground any one of those sources could overnight prove that dangerously dry. Indoor air was a product or a component of every single viral bomb. That went off. And when I'm talking about with Barack Obama's you have a small outbreak that in indoors. That suddenly is it becomes a massive barrel. Catastrophe and so the worst places are nursing homes. Because in those places you have people who are very old with coq with prem- orbiting I'm sorry pre morbid conditions with co morbidity and and so they're extremely vulnerable they physiology of aging makes us more vulnerable to Kobe. And then when you add the CO morbidity it makes those people extremely vulnerable and so that's why you have nursing homes and long hair long term care facilities prisons and meat packing plants as the places. Were we see most of the of the terrible catastrophes happening that makes sense and I think somebody had released that an extremely high percentage of the deaths in New York all had co morbidity of some kind. Bi Tension Diabetes Obesity. They had something going talk about New York so New York is an absolute tragedy in that you know. The officials were almost arrogantly saying. Don't worry about it. We've got everything under control go. You know do live your normal life. All the while. Their city was being seeded with people coming from the hot spots in Europe and it was tragic. Would it New York look like when you look at the the dangerously dry indoor air it was probably by my estimate perhaps twice as dangerous as Wuhan that dry that's one secondly you have high population density in high rises? And there's some question in my mind that in in some of the spaces that you may have central heating. They have passed the virus from one level to the next the next and then third you have inner city poverty and and the the the tragedies amongst minorities in particular African Americans have been attributed to the the the well-known health disparities in inner city. Poor whether it's high blood pressure obesity or a chronic heart disease or smoking. Or you know. It's a whole panoply of of conditions. But there's something new and I'm going to share it with your audience and it is not in the news yet and I think we actually released a press release on Sunday. I just happened to stumble on this on Friday. We're looking at a physician's update on Cova and it's very hard to understand. It's it's very technical but in a nutshell it was the first time that there was data showing that the that tragic disparities of of death and bad outcomes with African Americans with blacks is not just from inner city poverty. It turns out that there is a genetic vulnerability that also is tied to this news about children. That is starting to come out. Who are experiencing death for multi organ failure and yesterday. There was a a headline that went all over the world. Fast related to men having a vulnerability related to an enzyme and all three of these situations or link there it turns out that the virus attacks what's called an NGO attention to receptor and that it puts that that receptor out of business. Basically in that receptor is very important because it keeps other receptors from going haywire when we think of cancer what is cancer it's were cells go haywire will there's another form of Haywire involving The immune system and chemicals that are produced in the body that attack our Oregon's and they're called super oxidises and they attack the blood set the blood vessels and they produce intense vascular thrombosis in blood. Clots all over the place and and it. It is a nightmare scenario. And and this is the re I'm really upset. I've had a great deal and I still have a great deal of respect for the medical doctors that are working tirelessly to help us through this crisis. But I feel now that it's become politicized and why is it that an Er doc who is on the? Who's afraid unlike a basic scientist? I'm not in a research lab but but I could put this together and why in the hell have not the doctors that are leading this. Put this together long ago. Because had we known about the link with dangerously dry indoor air to Wuhan Hotspot Sense. I believe we I believe we could have avoided the shutdown of America and save tens of thousands of lives and now that we have this story emerging about children that are that are dying from multiple organ failure and the vulnerability that explains why african-american death rates are significantly higher. They ghost it's actually Similar pathway to the problem of high blood pressure that is operatives genetic vulnerability in African Americans and so we need to go into overdrive. Just like we did with ventilators in. Pp Six weeks ago on a word time footing to get indoor air. What I call green to get indoor air safe because we're only five months away from flu season and when that happens it's we're going to be lulled because now and then we're going to. We're going to have a CMIH RESPITE. And it's because of the weather because as you go from spring to summer you have more green days than read and and it makes the indoor air relatively safer but but that's going to flip back into danger in in the fall and there are inner city poor. There are people in nursing homes. There are meat packing plants prisons. You know there are so many places. They're all the businesses that that have closed that could reopen if people feel safe by knowing the danger of dry. Indoor Air has been mitigated. And it's so easy to do so let me use Florida as an example. So we've heard about the fantastic success of the Florida governor in Florida. Health officials and all the courageous were radiance. Who did such a great job? They were proactive. In testing people going into nursing homes and in being very very careful about limiting the most or access to the most vulnerable patients and the projections about a nightmare scenario apocalypse in Florida because of all the elderly turned out to be just the opposite and they had the lowest death rates among elderly. Have you heard about that? I have not but that's about to hear good to hear. Yeah it's an amazing success story but I believe that a lot of it and not to discredit the governor or the courageous people in Florida at all but because they did great. But it's also the weather because Florida has ambient weather outdoors that makes the indoor air naturally more safe against Cova even with air conditioning. It's safer and I believe that a significant reason why Cova deaths have been less in Florida is because the indoor air is safer in a natural way. So how is it that we can create safety everywhere we can? I come up with. A parrot called humidity saves lives which is a simple plan to keep us safe. And it it. I begins with making invisible danger visible second. It's making that invisible.

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