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Now under evacuation orders as firefighters try to control the so called river fires progress seven months into the year and we've already seen over 30,000 separate wildfires fires in California, already burning twice as much land as was scorched by this time last year. The river fire burning near Yosemite and Madera County has chewed through 15 Square Miles. It's 21% contained the back worth complex fire in the Plumas National Forest north of Tahoe has burned 145 Square miles. It's now 66% contained at least 20 homes There have been destroyed. A decision made to scale back the search for a missing ultra marathon runner in the East Bay A search this morning in an area where a family says they heard cries for help in the San Old Canyon last night came up as a dead end. 37 year old Philip Krycek went missing while on a run Saturday and pleasant and regional park smaller ranch Ron seats with the Alameda County search and rescue Says Mueller Ranch is a popular park. It's hard to disappearing. There's hundreds of people to come here daily to recreation and so forth, making it hard for anybody to get lost because if they are If they're disoriented anyway, or they sort of lost their way. There's usually somebody from the public who is familiar with the park picnic in the system. Hundreds of volunteers have helped in the search. It's included the use of drones, aircraft and off road vehicles. Despite the expected hot conditions, A couple of US athletes will be keeping cool during the Olympic opening ceremonies. KGO eight tens Mark Nieto. With that story, Ralph Lauren is helping out the U. S. Olympic athletes who will deal with the summer heat in Tokyo. Designing a special jacket for the flag bearers during the opening ceremonies on July 23rd. The White Blazers will have a personal air conditioning system that disperses heat from the wearer skin through a fan device at the back of the neck, kind of like how large computers are kept cool. The rest of the team will walk in tailored Navy blazers made of us grown wool, a belt made of recycled plastic water bottles and a cotton navy colored face mask with an American flag on one side. Mark Nieto, kgo a 10 sounds very fancy. We'll check your traffic. Santa Cruz Mountains continues to be an issue. HS Clarke Reed will have an update in just a moment. If you've got an insurance question, you could talk to your nana. But she'd probably just tell you how she insured her couch from stains by.

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