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In the ring with let you can still have great match with them. We we looked at it like this. And and you you had They said you're the rest of the decade and that would be hard for me to argue in anybody else on this show Shoot it there. Are Some people out there that feel differently but if you feel differently call in and give us your points because that's what the show's about is not I just about our opinions is about the nation and the fans but I'm gonna read through The people that you work with this year and in nineteen will not this year last year and From Daniel Bryan top of the car you took most most of Ali and brought him to the top of the cart. A guy that hadn't been on television very much Andrade you you had matches went on dry that they were pay per view worthy randy. And I'm not even going to talk about mattress. You have rent Yordan and you and I li- is were as entertaining as anything. That was going on in wrestling at that time. Seth rollins same category. Randy is not even worth having a conversation. We'll talk too long about it you you ricochet and I called Randy and I called you and I said please chop the shit out of him and wake him up and you took ricocheted to heights that nobody else has been able to do. Cedric Alexander the matches. You had said exander we. We had the maximum so good we call Zander and had him on his show as a feature. You did did that. Umberto unbelievable matches with this kid. He's a long way from being who you are. He's a long way from. I'm being Eddie Guerrero. But our Raymond Stereo but he's he's on the way I can see the potential in him but it would take for him to wrestle people like you you every night to make him who they want him to be Roger Strong I didn't. I didn't respect Roger Strong enough until the match. I saw him. Have what you knock on Moore and in the magic that you've had with Shinsegei are the ones that that people are going to judge you by when when your career is over. They're going to say. Hey all you gotta do is watch the mass that he had was just knock Moore and people know everything they need to know about it styles and the matches you have Ramos mysterious. Listen I could say the same as Randy and said the matches that y'all had were historically great matches is that hold up in any era and I guess I heard this. You know Dave or Alex. read read this to me in the break before the show started. And they were saying that you were you took what rick flair in Buddy Rogers and people like that and you made it better Shawn Michaels and Alex would be able to the yet I. It was actually from Paul Heyman Mark Right so it was Paul Heyman's which is a huge huge compliment and it's hard to argue who. Aj Styles is when you put all of that into in people's face and I know is is is is your humbled and you you're honored and your respectable but you work for that and you have have to be goal oriented and I know that you don't WanNa be second fiddle because I heard you say it with your own mouth. I don't want to just go out there and have matches and and be in the middle of the car and I WANNA be. I want to show to be based around me and you got your wish yeah And and I let let me ask you guys a question here is this Decade is that does that have to be consistent you know or is it connected beetle clutches of. Oh Uh here's three years here and you know Or is it six years I mean I at least I can say I listened ten years straight through never ever had time off. I've been working the whole time. I can't say that about the decade that I've worked at wholesome with No time off. I've never taken a year ear and they were taking you know. I think I've gotten injured once or twice or something like that but Not Much I've taken off in the past decade so so I wonder if does that come into play when you guys come in deciding who is if the wrestler of the decade. Well Yeah when I when I when I put the list together. Aj Aj and and you know. I looked at this is Dave's lists. Yeah this is this mile I think mark you agree with. Aj Don't you agree it. You're not just saying on the line right yeah. I'm not saying that because they can afford to become different yesterday but okay I'll start. I said that ED brock listener was the wrestler of the decade. Because you even though he wouldn't around wrestling the whole decade which was is one of the things that they've actually brought to my attention that it was hard I had to go back and say well maybe maybe not. Because he didn't wrestle the whole oh decade he was doing him in May but when brock was featured he was the main event that he was the standard he was the everybody revolved all around him. He was the son and But when when the point comes like you just said the entire you're young you have to look at it from start to start to finish like age as you said it's undeniable it's undeniable is is undeniable. I mean the only other person that can Randy Orton and and Chris Jericho there's probably about six or eight guys that that are in that category but none I'm have your accolades and none of them have have improved with age except for you in Jericho. The other guys are still young and I say young. They're not kids but they're They're more at the middle of their career than at the end You Said said with your own mouth that you didn't WanNA wrestle for another four or five years that you was you. Were trying to capitalize now. Because you didn't know how much you had left. I don't know if you still feel that way but Do you feel. Do you still feel that way. You feel like you're at the end. I think I am. I mean I I really a ah like you know marcus as you get older. You're worth afflicted by energy go. Why don't have that that useless bursts of energy They had way back when when you can see that certain deplete and You know and and I've said this before that I don't WanNa be the AJ styles every go. Oh Wow was. She could still do that or a while he just really slow you know. I don't want that I want to be The styles that people remember. It ain't ain't go out that way you know we'll be like I was when I was twenty. There's no way not possible friend of us. Brother I will I will. I will promise you I promise you I will tell you. Hey Bro you're starting to slip. You are a not slipping at all yet. I can't I I can see you. I'M NOT GONNA punish you try to force you to be out there. I'm just seeing so you damn good and you're killing it. Don't see I just don't see in. I don't see that slip yet in the in the crazy thing is you know I said I was going to be like twenty five. I was GONNA have the energy boost but then at the same time. I wouldn't want that because you you lose the hardest thing in wrestling if you when you're when you're that young right you got all this energy. The hardest thing in wrestling more people knew this. How hard this was? Is You sail. You know whatever's going on whether you're need your arm you just just the move a body slam. If they knew how hard it was to remember Knbr what to sell and how long does sell it and throughout the match and make everything look like a battle you know Those guys like and for instance. I always like Jeff Hardy when he sells you. Doing I think just really hurt. You know. That's I love that because that's the hardest thing to do for wrestling moves or easy see. They're not that hard you know but but the to remember what to do and how to sell it in the psychology that goes behind the cell is well see it man I hi mark out for that kind of stuff you know. Aj when you look back at this last decade is is there. A favorite memory is their favourite match. When you you Kinda look back at the last ten in years well dancing in the ring with Mark Enery? Yeah that yeah that was that was up there. Well listen I think about moments now. I've realized that Throughout my career. Now it's it's really not about the matches is about the moments you it's about. It's not about the Promo it's about the moments in the moments that Like like John Cena for instance or him stood in the ring for five minutes and they were just going back and forth fancy wants but you know John C. J. Styles I to me that was really cool moment. The Moment Shins Gay Nakimora had at money in the bank where we're staring at each other through ladder. We moved the ladder better and then we go at each other. You know like that again and the moment with Shinsegei at wrestle kingdom like the it's all about the moments you know That's what the garden with Steve Austin. Yes like those are incredible. Oh moments in those are what people remember. People don't usually remember the matches but they'll remember the moment that you remember that when Steve Austin was had the beer truck and was shooting here in shut beard his own. Bow Lewis tonsils out you know. They were member of that stuff when when they would do the same thing but what you did it with milk you know. That's what would I remember. You know so my job or I WANNA do I wanNA have moments. We'll see how many how many moments can you can't have. You know that's what it's all about You know we we. Obviously we're talking a lot about wrestle kingdom today wrestle kingdoms happening this weekend. You're a big part of wrestle kingdom. You're obviously I know you're a dream of yours was to wrestle at Madison Square Garden. Now you've done that several times. It's like old old hat to you now wrestling at Madison Square Garden. You know. Is there a favorite venue for you. Especially you know where you started from to where you are now now. Is there a venue that you look back on. It might be one of your favorites. Well I gotTA say Corcoran Hall is always fun. You you know it's it's small. It's it's not a big venue but there's something special about it you know and people expect that especially when you you know in a couple of names come in there. They expect something special at Corgan Hall always had fun when I went there and again I know it's a small thing but I think that's what what makes it so cool. I think that may be my favorite. Are you sure you weren't the leader of the bullet club. Because I could've swore you're the leader ring of honor version of the club. Listen listen career. I'm just a fan but man I could have sworn to you or no Louis. It's funny because I had the mic in my hand me the leader and you perceive me the leader because there's a had the championship remedies but and if truthfully told I think the reason why.

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Randy Orton, Aj Aj, Aj Styles discussed on Busted Open

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