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Stretch thank you all right. Yes thank you the great rich cimini all that conversation about sam darnold than what the jets are gonna do well. They made the decision on monday. Trading the former number three overall pick to the carolina panthers and head coach matt rule the jets get three draft picks in return including a second rounder in two thousand and twenty two so sam darnold heads to the panthers another domino falls. Their teddy bridgewater was the incumbent and carolina. And he's either now going to be the backup or be moved elsewhere. You would think maybe we'll get into that and the jets now. Everything is cleared the runway as it were cleared for the jets. Who now have no quarterback in the building but the number two overall pick. And zack wilson will be sitting there so connect all those dots. That's where this is going to mark your initial thoughts on the trade. Sam darnold to the carolina panthers so my initial thoughts are that this doesn't always happen or perceived exceptionally seemed to happen but i think both teams got value. I think the panthers were in hot water the shawn front and that's who they wanted. I think they were gonna do and sell the moon for that. You get darnold. Picked up his fifth year option. The jets got picks. We just talked to me that like look if people had wanted sam darnold. There've been some sort of bum rushed for sam darnold. There would have been more value. But that's just wasn't the case and joe. Douglas has not fleeced and deals. They have i think. Twenty one draft picks over the next two years was seven in the in the first two rounds so the jets are still in good position. I think they cleaned up. What would have been intentionally been a little bit messy to have darnold. Zack wilson. there. I know some people feel differently but for the panthers i loved the idea of offense coordinator joe brady showing that he can do. What adam gates and others have not been able to do. It's a good start for fresh. Start for sam. Darnold is much better much better place than the jets had been the last couple of years and that number eight pick. You can go offensive line. You can do what you need to fortify the offense that went all defense last year. So i think it's a it's a two year window to find out what you have in the sky and if it works it's a great story for sam darnold right and it could be a one year window even picking up the option. It's only guaranteed for injury only. I'm always surprised teams. Don't pick up those options because it's not that big of a risk you just you just hoping he doesn't have a major injury. I love it. If i'm you know daniel jeremiah or the people that were banging the drum saint sam darnold's one of the best quarterback prospects they've ever seen Which so far has and look good. And he is now going to. I think what's a pretty quarterback friendly system we were. I was much higher on teddy general than you guys last year. But you still could look at the numbers like if the floor here is teddy bridgewater throwing for four thousand yards and going up and down the field and moving the ball like you would think sam darnold kadewe that if as danny would say he can play the guitar. I don't necessarily think they'll just hand. Hand him the starting job just because teddy's do so much guaranteed money that it doesn't make sense to me For them to dump teddy unless they have a somewhere to dump them like someone wants him or an upgrade. Which would have been the shawn watson. That doesn't look like it's happening now. So i kind of expect that both darnold an teddy will have a chance here to play but you would assume darnold is the favourite donald the heavy favorite but we will see how it plays out. It gives them options and it is the we talked about it at the top top of the show. What's that i was just gonna say but to be fair teddy's played at a higher level. And we've seen it. Then sam darnold ever recruiting greg including in his first couple seasons. I'm just saying we'd do greg. But i mean everything. The carolina panthers have said and done this off season told us they're not with teddy bridgewater using the bill rate but they gave up a second round. Pick not not this year's pick though that's what got it done. What they gave up a second round pick but it's next year second. You know that that's putting a certain value where jalen hurts gets drafted or different guys get drafted. Those are not guys. You necessarily think are going to be your quarterback. That's all the reason. I think it's clearly darnold and is because matt rule had teddy bridgewater in the building four year running his offense with brady and clearly and me and then they made it very clear has been talking about. They weren't thrilled with the result. So i guess they could fall back on teddy if darnold disappoints. But i would think maybe they're looking for a fresh start just like the jets and for me it is. I did have a lot. Invested in sam darnold all jets fans did because he was the highest draft. Pick by the jets. Since joe nemeth everything pointed to him being a the real deal but it has been talked about ad nauseam it. Was you know the circumstances that that he he was forced into as a jet were unholy. I it was really the coaching and the personnel issues in the front office. If felt like he never had a chance. So do i have to have a fear. A deep down that he still can be a really good player. And maybe even better than zack wilson. In a more healthy setup. yeah. And that's why i said to a rich i said what's the harm in keeping them in the building seeing if he actually can realize that potential But at the same time. I do trust the process and i do think that if they really do love. Zack wilson and you restart that rookie contract clock and a lot of people in my mentions on this podcast. Saying you're crazy about the jets even getting second round or for san darn. There are people that believe. This guy can play so the jets now can get a premium draft. Pick down the line and maybe turn that into something..

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