Dr King, Bobby Kennedy, Joe Biden discussed on Ben Shapiro


Like in my generation when I got out of school that when Bobby Kennedy Dr king and then assassinated in the seventies HM well I got engaged you know up to that time remember the letters in the late seventies in nineteen beyond that there's that there there is yes in the late sixties rather so yeah that that was that and okay was estimated for the record in nineteen sixty eight and Bobby Kennedy for the record was assassinated in nineteen sixty nine correct I'm gonna look that up so I don't screw up like Joe Biden what he was assassinated Bobby Kennedy in sixty eight as well okay but at least I got the right jacket job gets the wrong decade completely also he was alive for it to be fair I was born sixteen years after this happened any case Joe Biden is heavily reliant on this narrative that he is the most electable so reliant on it the Joe Biden his wife was out there in public suggesting that Joe's main feature is that he's electable not even that he has good ideas I want you to think okay your candidate her electability in his three and I think there is a whole hi yeah yeah now they were both from all the other candidates so you know I it might be better on healthcare yeah yeah its awkward when your life is saying that everybody else policy maybe better my husband but he's the most electable the luck with that we'll see how that works out for you bold strategy cotton we'll see how it works out for them I get to more of this in just one second first you're probably the things they show on some form of device that has your budget hatch to it well maybe they're old maybe the falling apart maybe they've got the wires the stems here's what you need you need a cool new pair from ray con ray con wireless earbuds started about half.

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