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People are going to listen to this podcast and ten years and be like what's wrong with Ethan, Ethan as our president. What a president, Ethan, that's what I'm saying. It would be confusing. Sure. I, yeah, I don't know how the Canadians adjusted to adjust in right. Having a mandate of Justin and charge just feels like it's he ready. Regardless of how qualified he is. His name's Justin. So is he ready. I don't know. You sounds like he's fourteen. Yeah, I see what you're saying anyways, anyway. So you grew up, would you say with this. Spy movies. Yeah, I'm pretty sure I didn't see this one in theaters because it came out ninety six. So it didn't quite lineup, but I'm pretty sure I saw the rest of them in theaters and also needed to Google all of them to remember the plots or what happens. Well, not to brag, but in preparation for this episode she went full dummy. I went, I went like way deep cover into mission, impossible. You were in the mainframe. I hacked into the mainframe. Now a member of the IMF. I'm so excited of like how much we get to talk about hacking today. Can I just say, I'm so thrilled so much. Also I am. I think in real life is some kind of World Bank sort of thing. It's very distracting every time they say movie. Yeah, I think they're going to do loans or something. I don't remember that actually being the name of their organization in the movies is okay. So my history is that I well, I just rewatch all five of them within the span of forty eight hours brag. Yup. Sorry or proud. I okay. I like this franchise. It's I. Yeah, I have fun with it. I don't love it. I don't think they're cinematic masterpieces, but especially as they go on, I think they get better and I enjoy like ghost protocol, especially I liked Rokos protocol is my son's name. Really because that's my stripper name. That's. And they both can be president president. The president, but I similarly grew up with this franchise. So the first one came out in ninety six, I was ten, so I don't think I saw right away. I think by when I was like, twelve, if you would ask me at that age, what my favorite song was, I would have told you it was the mission, impossible theme song. It's a very good theme song. It's like JAMES BOND. It just works. Yeah. And then I did see mission impossible to in theaters at a drive in movie theater, no way in whatever year that was. And if you'd asked me that year, what my favorite movie was, I would've told you mission impossible to even on that movie stinks and his bad. But then in all the other ones I saw like indeed, IRS, I enjoy them and I'm excited about fallout coming out. So yeah, I would say I have a certain soft spot for mission impossible, and it's also it's like the fast and furious franchise where it's gotten better lately to like they're on an upswing. So with. A new one coming out. I'm stoked, see, I tapped out at Tokyo drift. I think I haven't seen any Tokyo drift is way. Is that was that a joke? No issues. Oh, we're talking. I just got so confused. Can I mission impossible, Tokyo drift. Say something about this movie, which is that I don't understand a thing. I felt insane wanting this movie because this is a movie for the public. It's not supposed to be like, you can't see mission impossible unless you have a graduate degree which by the way Caitlyn does don't want. You know that Jimmy, you know that I hate to bring it up. So thank you so much trying bringing up that. I do have a master's degree in screenwriting from Boston University, but I took the Mensa exam the other day failed because I don't understand what happens is I can't make..

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