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Nigerian parents, thank you. He has, there's been a lot of smoke, including from people at and around the U.S. can't. People that I talk to that call Anthony and Aaron judge. That balagan, who is one of the top scorers in legal for the French top division, both in terms of goal scoring and in terms of non penalty, like the underlying numbers really, really like him. He's there on loan from arsenal. There's a lot of smoke that he's about to file that one time switch to represent the U.S. he is a dual national recruit on the level of sergino dest or unis Musa. Like he's that level of a prospect. I think he would immediately slot in as the number one option at the number 9. It would be a big time get. So watch the game, enjoy the game. Maybe don't get married to the idea of Darryl DK or Ricardo Pepe being the full-time starting center forward because it seems like there's going to be some serious competition inserted into the mix real soon. Where do you think flow is signing his one time switch papers at the pool in Orlando? I saw him playing chucking a football around with a kid. Maybe in a suite at the magic game. Maybe at spring training, maybe at that dog bar. Maybe at GA cup in Bradenton just down the road with David goss on. He's not just down the road. It's on the other side. It's a thing I'm learning. We're Sarasota, Florida, as well. Connor hit us up actually, just real quick and asked Doyle, you frequently refer to the underlying numbers when discussing your thoughts on team and player quality. He said, do a semi deep dive. I'm not asking for a semi deep dive. I'm asking for the shallow elevator. Expected goals expected goals allowed, those are two big ones. Then expected threat.

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