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Taught. Awesome. You Know Yeah Great. Show has has been able to do what it's been able to do, and there's so many great people that make that happen and it just it's like what in the restaurant lottery I mean? It's it's no restaurants can ever afford to have that much advertising that much yeah those your you know here's a bunch of guys loaded into the show shooting tomorrow when as a walking and all walking right now wearing weasing shirts. Oh, we'll see my shirt. I'm wearing I'm wearing the shirt right now I'm wearing today the the don't trust your own taste chances are you have none shirts that we made? I set one to your house. Did you get it? Pile of them we we were we were wearing watch minded. People were stealing them and I have and I've got the I've got the releasing wristband today which I got from you, which is very a lot of people have asked me where to get that I was like well, you gotta get it right from guy it's kind of a thing. On I've had this on. I've never taken it off. The whole time. Good for you. You are you are the friend of a friend's you're you're you're a G. before. Before I. Let you go I really appreciate your time. I know how busy you are your. You always take the time for me whenever I call you. I'm still stuck on that that electric forced by them I think you should buy tycoon I. I told you that and I will tell you again that you should buy tycoon I. Really always worried about first editions I. Agree I totally agree with you I think you should buy one next year. Let's stay. Let's stay on that but I do video was Africa I. Mean I don't know. So many people onto it But I I do need to get one and we been we're here in California, where the Land Tesla and I think Tesla's are awesome. But boy your video of you drive in that way way way. Different thing. Yeah. It's a different thing you got A. Test drive if you test drive that'll really. Yes I know. I know do you know do you know the comedian Thomas Agoura? You met him? I know the name I got him. I got him hooked up with MC McLaren for the weekend, and now he's like he's just ready to spend his entire life saving..

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