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Is very difficult to be quiet as the wife is pregnant and she has three other kids oh wow she's like pregnant bring ready to pop ebay pregnant pregnant pregnant we'll give away too much because it got a lot of various very good movie is really a horror movie isn't like suspense thriller does have a monster in a couple of town okay there's only like ninety minutes long so you ain't gonna get bored with it okay edgy your seat type movie the opening scene is all kinds of up so israel unexpected if you you know if you if you into those type of movies little jump scares alcohol if you want it all suspense thrillers handle a hint of horror is up your alley i give it a horror or horror horror i mean tricking into movie out of five out of five holing they give a four and a half four and a half you get a mobile movie i saw it was called blockers or i'm not sure it's called cock bloggers blogs is the name of comedy the only famous person that you know is the wrestler jones sina he stars as one of the three parents of three teenage daughters who are going to the prom okay i've seen the previews look funny have you seen a preview notice story they the parents all cool with them going to the prom today having sex pack they all wanna lose every janati on.

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