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Ways that people have come together. It has been a difficult 18 months. But Boston is a resilient city. It is a city of hope is the city of possibilities. I am proof of that. Standing here as the first woman mayor of our city, the first person of color to represent our city in Boston. Karen Regal WBZ Boston News Radio and Mayor Jamie will be on nightside with Dan Raid tonight, capping off a campaign run featuring all mayoral candidates on the show. Now, maybe you chose to vote by mail this time around. But trouble is it's too late to drop it in the mailbox. If you didn't already your secretary of State Bill Galvin. The approval for the vote by mail in this election was done somewhat late. So the city had a slow start in getting the ballot applications out and the boat is obviously set returning them. The law is clear here, the ballot hatch has to be actually received that is in the possession of the election department. By 80. M. Tomorrow night. If you still have one of these ballots, Galvin says, you should bring it over to City Hall. Leave it there or drop it in a drop box, which are located all over the city of Boston. 6 32 on Capitol Hill, the secretary of state today, answering questions from lawmakers about the quick pullout from Afghanistan, Secretary of State Antony Blinken, telling the House Foreign Affairs Committee president Biden's best choice was to pull all Americans out after the Afghan government and army collapsed 20 years. And hundreds of billions of dollars and support equipment and training did not suffice. Why would another year secretary Blinken committing millions to humanitarian aid in Afghanistan and saying the U. S is doing all it can to get the 1 to 200 Americans? Still there out? Andy Field, ABC NEWS Washington When it comes to Covid tonight, here in Massachusetts, latest report from DPH again. Accounting for the past three days. The weekend and today's data confirming 4752 new cases tonight that is out of almost 243,000 new tests. Seven day average positivity rate down tonight to 2.22% 675 people getting treatment in the hospital for Covid 19 more people have died. It is 6 33. Time for traffic and weather together. The Subaru retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the threes. Where do we go now, Michael? Well, the worst of it is the Mass Turnpike here, Nicole Westbound. The Mass. Pike is stop and go for a little while out after the Route nine interchange, and that was From an earlier rollover out at 4 95. But then farther out, we've got a jam up of over two miles through Auburn from the remains of a truck fire at the 2 90 interchange in Auburn. The right lanes are taken there, but that scene should be cleared soon, not worth mentioning. Route nine West bounds backed up over two miles out towards 4 95 as well. The expressway. Colbun refuses to budge. It is stop and go from the O'Neill tunnel to South Bay and then a little before Furnace Brook Parkway into the Braintree split. That's at least 20 minutes. Boston Braintree Right now, 93 northbound delays route 37 up past Neponset Circle. It is clear up at the tunnel three South is just slow down past Union Street. 1 28 all these doubts you need him and get him. But 93 is still back to both ways exiting Pharaoh 24 up to the north. Much highways are much better. The upper end of 1 28 back to normal Routes Three and 93 north are good up to the New Hampshire line and then downtown. The lower deck. Seized out sterile drive is just slow coming into Lefferts Circle. All the airport tunnels are good. My king WBC's traffic on the threes and the weather coming up in just about five seconds. Affordable insurance. Com Insurance insurance made simple Not much to worry about. Tonight. Looks great out there right now. Clear skies for the rest of the evening alone near 62. Downtown northern.

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