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News Talk Katie. Okay AM Minneapolis and K. 278. BP Cottage Grove. It should be. Case dismissed on Lisa Brady Fox News. That's what attorneys for former President Trump are saying about the article of impeachment against him. Fox's Jared Halpern has more live. The day before the historic second impeachment trial for Donald Trump. Attorneys for the former president said the case is political theater. A brief from Trump's legal team spells out arguments they're likely to make, including that the trial is unconstitutional since the former president is now a private citizen. The attorneys also say raising concerns about the election outcome fall within the First Amendment and on multiple occasions. Trump encouraged peaceful protests and did not incite a mob that breached the capital Is Congress certified. The electoral college and emerging agreement on the trial schedule would allow hours of debate and then a vote by senators on the constitutionality of the proceedings. Lisa Face. Jared, We're just getting word. The Texas Republican congressman Ron White has died. He was 67 had battled both lung cancer and Cove. It no official word yet on the cause of death, the White House task force just holding it's latest Cove. It briefing boxes Tanya J. Powers with this life. CDC director Dr Rochelle Wolinsky says. While there's been a decrease in US covert cases, hospitalizations air still in level much higher than what the country so in the summer and fall, she says, the new variants of the virus or a threat of great concern and could undo the downward trend in cases February 7th 699 variant cases have been confirmed across 34 states. Almost all of those are the more contagious UK variant. She says. They're they've been ramping up genomic sequencing, which gives him a clearer picture of what types of variants are spreading and that reducing community spread by mask Wearing and distancing is key to fighting Those Lisa thanks, Tanya. Meantime, the World Health organization emphasizing the need for vaccine makers to adapt to the new variants. America is listening to Fox News. Minnesota News Network time. Scott Peterson. The second impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump, begins tomorrow in the U. S. Senate and pundits almost universally predict Trump will be acquitted of charges that he incited deadly violence at the U. S. Capitol. Hamline University professor David Schultz says he doubts even if there were more evidence that it would change enough Republican senators minds to convict the former president, blacking Let us say some smoking guns where, for example, the president had had a private meeting where he told people and when I say X Y Z go out, stormed the capital short of something like that, I think Not going to get the conviction. Roseville police They're warning residents about a sharp spike and overdoses and related deaths after a 16 and 20 year old died within a 24 hours span over the weekend. Officials say the overdose increased could be tied to a pill known as PERC. 30, a potent narcotic mixed with fentanyl. Roseville detectives are actively partnering with the Ramsey County violent crime enforcement team and the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension. Locate the source and those responsible for distributing the deadly pills. Distance learning is keeping more of the states. Teens isolated and Cindy Dauth with Hazelden Betty Ford says that's led to an increase in substance abuse. Nearly 50%. Of adolescence are drinking and smoking all by themselves. And then 20 nearly 25% end up breaking social distancing so they can use my friends is a man in.

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