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As the Commonwealth rolls into the second covert 19 search. He is hoping this is the final surge is he's expecting vaccines to start going into arms next week. If you can help go to u mass Memorial response dot com And if you want to stay out of that field hospital or the one being stood up in Lowell, Dr Dixon says, Upgrade your mask. Summer time when it was 1%, you know, clock master, probably adequate. That would decrease the probability of spread enough. But now that we have a lot of infection, I've recommended to all my friends and family that they use a k and 95 instead of a regular cloth mask. Karen Regal WBZ Boston's news radio 707, Several commanders that its central Texas Army Post have either been fired or suspended, Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy telling reporters today, Fort Hood failed army specialist Vanesa G. N by not creating the right culture of the base. This is an initial step. Addressing in fixing these issues, even though we're part of one of the most respected institutions in the world, living up to the American people's Trust is something we have to do every day. This discipline comes after an independent investigation into sexual harassment and assault allegations at the base. Among those who have died over the past year at the base was brought in native sergeant Elder Fernandez. Step back in August, was ruled to be a suicide, but his family says he had previously reported being sexually assaulted by a superior at that base are seven awaits switching gears now getting over the Bloomberg business. Here's Andro Day three Wall Street's main indexes closed in record territory again, NASDAQ jumped. 63 has to be 500 up eight. The Dow rose but not to a record this time up, 104 his prospects for stimulus talks and upbeat news on both the Visor and AstraZeneca covert vaccines. Tempered concerned about tougher restrictions and made a coronavirus resurgence last week, we told you Uber is trying to make the case to the government that its drivers ought to be classified as essential workers eligible to get the covert vaccine ahead of the general public. Today, the trade group Airlines for America is trying to make the same case for the workers it represents. And you rode a Bloomberg business on WBZ. Boston's news radio trusted for 100 years and once again, the number one rated radio station in Boston, according to Nielsen Della D. B z. Boston's news radio. Hi, Pardon me. What day is it? You little fuzzy on that too? Yeah, it's covert 19 or more precisely, Cove in time. You know the way the days blur together since this whole thing started Still, If you're a cancer survivor, you can't be fuzzy about.

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