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Really good at cnn's really good but they freak you out they go hey somebody's after you there's an illuminated going on there's underground discussions there's deep state activity now you so paranoid that you're willing to believe anything firms always looking for exactly oh don't let them pimp you with the paranoia is talking about spotify for we get out of here spall good good cop spotify going down a very very slippery slope i see alley yeah apple pan dora have followed suit and our they've they've dropped kelly for new playlists whatever the fuck that means as a very slippery slope and the reason is very slippery slope you won't pay and bill i was saying pay pay bill we pay all right remember today's podcast is also brought to you by talk space the online therre becoming lets you message licensed therapist from anywhere anytime talk to them about how you have no purpose and you need to have some kids they'll agree with you all you need is computer with an internet connection or the talk space mobile app that means who can improve your mental help even if you've had trouble making time for in the past remember that there appeared isn't just about venting your innermost thoughts or digging into your childhood memories it's about practical everyday strategies for stress management and living a happier life happening a therapist simply provides you with a designated person for you to talk to who is trained to listen and help you make positive changes the talks based platform has over two thousand licensed therapists who are experienced addressing life challenges we all face to match with the perfect therapist for a fraction of the price of traditional therapy go to talk space dot com slash idiot and use the code idiot to get forty five dollars off your first month in show your support for this show that's code i d i o t and talks base dot com slash idiot talks base therapy for how we.

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