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You today, too. He's his little ambush, boys. Paparazzi tabloid, Mr Tablet, and he got a little dose of something from Congressman Mo Brooks. Good stuff. We'll get to that. Right now, let's go to Tim calling from Winchester, Virginia. Tim, you're on the Chris Plante show. Hello, Tim, Tim and Winchester as Tim going away. I've gone away. We got the right song for him. Then he's going away. They want to talk about people being killed by the police, and I was already for him, too. But Tim went away. That's how that happens. You know what with that. Let's get to because I just I love this and it'll break up the monotony of Democrats lying to us. Um, well, not really. I guess it's another example. Perhaps here is Jim Acosta. We have the The audio of Jim Acosta Day He has story is Mo Brooks, Congressman Mo Brooks tells Jim Acosta. He's not talking to CNN. Um Uh huh. And it's the Hill. The newspaper The Hill, representative Mo Brooks, Republican from Alabama, refused an interview when confronted by CNN journalist Jim Acosta. There are a number of words here say that they are not appropriate. Dominic Muster. Angelo is the typist for the DNC at the hill. In this case, representative Mo Brooks, Republican Alabama that much is true, refused an interview. It's not an interview. It's an ambush. This is outside the capital, and Mo Brooks has gone to his bicycle. His bicycle is locked, and he is unlocking his bicycle. When a CNN camera crew and this fraud a B Leo accustomed, um, costs him like he's a paparazzi looking for Princess Diana and And he walks up to him. This is he wants the doorstep him now, he said. So they call your doorstep him. You wait outside where you know they're going to be And when they come out of the doorstep, you're there. Aha, and you ambush them and you start yelling questions at them, and it's designed. It's an old technique designed to make the person look bad. Because you know you're you're ambushing them. They don't expect you to be there. You taken by surprise. You know, he's got his, uh, tent leg rolled up and he's getting on is unlocking his bike lock because he's saving the environment riding his bike. Does he get points for that node? No, he doesn't. So he's refused an interview. That's not an interview. That's an ambush when confronted by CNN journalist journalist is not the right word. Jim Acosta over the January 6th attack on the capital. You know, Fox News and News. Matt should go ambush every Democrat member of Congress about the More than 110 Federal police officers injured by Democrats at Lafayette Park Square and setting the church on Fire Historic ST John's Church, setting the building in Lafayette Park on on fire and creating a situation where the first family had to be evacuated to the bunker. Every Democrat member of Congress should be ambushed every day. And by these people, so here's the funny Bologna report. Now, the Jim Acosta says that he invited Mo Brooks to be on his little television show is corrupt, awful, filthy Democrat propaganda show that nobody watches and nobody in their right mind would go on. Democrats go on there to have acts of journalistic gratification performed upon them. By Jim Acosta. And that's what they get. Republicans gone to have bottles thrown at them by fraud. Who is not a journalist at all. Jim Acosta is a disgrace to his people to his people. Yeah, that's right. It's people. So here's the Here's the video that Jim Acosta and CNN proudly. I guess they aired this on television, not just the Internet, right and very proudly, and um, and he went up there and ambush two different Republican members of Congress in an effort to make them look bad. You see, so Congressman Brooks is in the midst of throwing his leg over his bicycle and beginning to ride away. And, um and Jim Acosta thinks that he's being cute. This is very sophomore ish and and just pathetic. Here's Jim Acosta, congressman Mo Brooks. What can I ask you? Do you still believe in cheaper.

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