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Yeah yeah baseball to ancient egyptian yeah exactly we've learned so much technology what is something you think is overrated netflixing streaming services okay the thing you just saw the pyramid thing on no i love it i ended up just lounging on sipho like all day right because it just says join play the next episode and you wanna play next episode makes me a hermit do you ever find when it says hey you still watching you respond violently oh yeah i really angry and then i go yes i am still watching twentieth episode find the remote research to panel you've been rotting on a couch for however many hours and you who are you still watch you know flicks i literally do that shit when i watch i'm like a yes i am and actually that and then i'll just hit a good point as well netflix is watching pegues watching how much content we're watching judging us through sub tweets yeah there's a guy on the other end of the screen just being like this motherfucker still watching they like this dude how are you paying attention this part really good this man has watched the dundee's episode of the office seventy times i like the part where he offends the asian people think is funny that's one way that net flicks is sort of corporate marketing wing has decided to be like fun and cheeky is being like hey whoever is watching beverly hillbillies eighty times get some help and it's like oh fuck your net flicks like judge us why am i on trial right i like jed clampett that's right and also tight they moved to beverly hills they're figuring it out you know what i mean there's a lot of cool what's her face the mom from a back to the future she plays a french teacher who doesn't have accent you know i really fucked with the beverly hillbillies movie maybe this is me but also nothing would netflix is the fact that there's so much choice it makes me angry methodic snell some choice i spent about an hour just flicking through and then go fine he'll watch this right and it's just been outside.

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