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I c. k. s. t. a. p. e. for that five dollars off. And freehand free shipping. Oh yeah. I want to lead and free shipping pretty good. It's not bad Tibet at all. Hell of an episode coming up. A lot of MC hammer talk. I know people been clamoring for it. It's finally here. Yeah. So. Lee, my mentioned alone. Will you Your been. age has been scratched. 'cause I through football or basketball or music. Some racquetba-. Squash. Enjoy this year. Don't. Game one. When the best. So when the game. A good football, you same? Heck yeah. Who could have ever ever foreseen Ryan Fitzpatrick faltering like this man. Oh, man. I thought he had one more game in. I was wrong. I agree with you. There. I bet he's gonna. Come have a killer second half though. That's just how this works with Ryan Fitzpatrick. I mean that throw yet to Evans was like pretty insane. He's just got sitting that out to, I'm no needs a corvette. Somebody will cardinals San fran-. Yeah, somebody will. A fourth round four. I feel like there's like almost that this is why I was okay with the jets trading teddy when they did. Because right now there's almost too many quarterbacks available between like fits and tyrod. Foles falls. Yeah. Although I, I don't know. I feel like Philly fans might ride if they got rid of those. Would they thought he was stinking it up, especially now that winds looked not terrible in game one? Yeah, I just feel like they kind of they just gotta want him around for the rest of time, like not to play, which is like be there. They do into somebody's like you wanna take around pigging. I let you. Thanks for the memories guy. You're not wrong about that. Florida. Just just gone ham right now. It's a lot going on. He's only. Why is it in black and white? I don't know it that was just a warmup. Oh, yeah, customized jersey, Florida. Adjacency was good. What's going on? Man. You talk about guys like appeal you now. He really is. He's gotten probably more just like commercial money at you. Hear like he was in at least two of the hangover's if not all of them pit bulls light. Now, man, you take that passion shit and put it on the show you need to get in these commercials. I remember he's got a jewel jeans on it. Does. Wow. I think it was. Studio year of highschool. So like, oh five, oh six. And some of them was like, have you heard of this dude is named spout, like Florida, but it's it's flow rider though. Lanky remember that like cake song he had. No, yeah, I think it was. It was that one layer had the students got next, but they were talking like as a rapper, not as like one of the biggest pops dies last fifteen. Oh, yeah. Like, I'm sure at that time, those were his intentions and is like, you know what? I'm just gonna keep getting this Monday night football money. It's a good lane. It's all very strong Elaine leg. It's very easy to make fun of, but it's it's much easier to respect because he'll never like I feel like he's got generational wealth. And if not, he will soon definitely. Let me out what's what your guests on Florida NetWorth actually just looked it up so I can't. All on it. I was like, what? It's going to be four hundred. It's not as how thought that's what I was kind of anticipating. But I, I'm gonna I still haven't found out yet. I'm going to say. Fifty. Three million. Okay. Let me tell you. You're gonna look thirty. All right. Yeah, that's what it says has thought. But again, like what he does, he's gonna be able to do for twenty more years. Oh, he'll be like Vegas residency like fucking the ratpac. Yeah, he's gonna be open up for what's his name? Doc is Shane, let's get. Way. Nine, not wait night when nights. Very different, even big. Yeah, Yeah. no, yeah. He he's after Wayne Newton night. The show there. I mean, that would be a night that I, you know it if I was in Vegas, blue man group flow rider, Wayne Newton and night. If if Florida pit bull ever like do one of these collaborations, all the kids are doing like you can forget about it. That's going to be millions of albums sold. This is going to be, I would like it might not even sell that much..

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