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His parents farm near New Hope is refusing a subpoena to testify at his cousin's murder trial in Doylestown fourteen year old girl is expected to be charged with murder as an adult in the death of a man found tied to the bed in his home in the northeast Philadelphia man accused of killing a thirteen year old boy in a Chinese restaurant is convicted of first degree murder I'm procedure in sports the Sixers let one get away in Denver right now certainly here broadcast center not doing much for the temperature though because it's twenty seven degrees heading up to forty four good morning I'm John obstacle which our top story at seven oh one imprisoned killer Cosmo DiNardo will fly a subpoena to testify his cousin's murder trial this point making a deal to cooperate in order was spending life in prison after admitting he murdered four young men two years ago and his parents farm in Bucks county he's refusing to take the stand that Sean Kratz this trial on charges he killed three of those men unclear what penalty DiNardo might face Hey why would you suburban bureau chief Jim no word reports jurors on Friday got to watch practice hour plus long confession to detectives about his role in those feelings in the video showing crisis confession from April twenty eighteen Crabb says after he and his cousin Cosmo denardo shop twenty one year old dean finna Caroline ahead dinner to put his arm around them laughing and said what's the matter you've never seen a dead body before that video confession came as part of what was supposed to be a plea deal to third degree murder but Kratz backed out of the deal the last minute in the beginning of the video detectives tell him if he does not go through with the police the use the confession against them Kraft says denardo called him names angry he wouldn't help move the body and he says he tried to talk to Nardo out of going to pick up mark sturgeon Tom Mayo two other men who were murdered on the farm this is the second video statement jurors of seeing the others about four hours long at one point in that video crunch talks to his mother who tells him tell the truth and don't worry about his cousin and her words save yourself to so Barry you just like he did to those four boys in order pleaded guilty to four murders and a serving for life sciences Kratz attorneys asking jurors to ignore this confession saying cross was coerced into giving it by his lawyer at the time in Doylestown Jamelle word K. whatever you news radio poignant bar mitzvah anniversary eighty years on that's coming up on KYW news radio we'll get to that though after this whether to Philly Dawson what's happening in traffic.

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