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Filed against a man who is suspected of doing drugs earlier this week while his, two sons drowned in the kankakee river thirty four year old Eric Patillo affair Indiana was arrested Tuesday night on suspicion of felony neglect of a resulting in death his two. Sons ages two and four pulled from the water unresponsive near a boat dock at the, LaSalle fish and wildlife area near the state line in southern Lake County they were later pronounced dead if convicted Patillo could face, twenty to forty years in prison a random drive-by. Shooting in the, middle of the university of Chicago campus in the early hours of Thursday morning left one man dead shooting happened. Just after midnight at woodland avenue. And midway police say at. Twenty, five year old man in. An SUV was sitting at a red light when another vehicle. Pull Alongside and, someone began shooting at him police. Say the victim was hit four times in the head, left shoulder right arm and right thigh he crashed into a tree, soon after. That and was taken to the university of Chicago hospitals where he died no one is in custody the university till students in the security alert the victim was not related, to, the school. In Hyde Park Bernie NewsRadio on one zero five point nine FM the ex commander, of a Mexican intelligence unit accused of leaks that revealed a drug cartel mall could face ten years in prison US prosecutors say Yvonne Ray us are not once led the. Drug Enforcement Administration to suspend nearly all of its operations in Mexico because of the leaks, a federal complaint claims are thought hey drew on US intelligence to unmask a cartel informant who was later tortured and killed the, defense denies that it wants to seventeen months sentence. Setting I'll free, immediately with time served ours day changed his plea and may from not guilty to no contest to obstruction charges Sentencing is, August, twenty ninth Jim got us News. Radio on one zero five point nine FM WBZ. News time one thirty we only district.

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