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At a draft discussion of the legislation as leader mcconnell works against republicans on the same page the plan is crafted behind closed doors which upset some including democratic leader chuck schumer you know why they're doing it in their doing this bill when not showing it's anyone in the dark and i they are ashamed of their bill republican senator john mccain wishes heat had more input we knew that radim amendments from for republicans hope to have the vote on the final plan before the july four three suggest dave original president trump had reportedly called the house bill mean he says the senate one will i'm heart telling a rally in ceuta rapids iowa democrats keep trying to obstruct and they've been unbelievably nasty really nasty side of the successes bushes agenda and about the border wall with thinking about building the wall as a solar wall so it creates manage and pays for excise the also pushed a plan that would bar new immigrants from getting welfare for five years tropical storms cindy gives raining down on gulf states was quite an experience to be right on that goes usm dolphin island elsewhere in alabama a 10yearold boy was killed on a beach hit by a log it was carried in a big wave in rough surf four castres say cindy could dump six to nine inches of rain on the gulf coast states from the florida panhandle all way to texas thirteen inches of rain in some isolated spot fox is casey steagall standing whereby use flooded streets in lake charles louisiana aaa says a lot of americans will travel over the fourth of july weekend more than forty four four million that's a record more nearly three percent more than last year fox news.

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