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Yes, calling in about the doughnut place. There's a there's a place in password. Get down, Dina called the doughnut hole. And it's been there since, uh, the late sixties. I know for sure. We used to stop. There are going to see Lee on the way to see Lee and get doughnuts would go there and get doughnuts for the The little Little League football games and stuff, but it's called the doughnut hole, and they Rock, Kippy or whoever don't Don't. Don't even touch the doughnut hole. Hmm. How do you How do you order your doughnut? Well, No, no, no, no, no. It's like glazed glazed me to all hell did. I don't. Oh, they were awesome. What I remember because we live in Deer Park and we'd stop the doughnut hole. The demanded answered the phone. He knows about the doughnut hole. He lives. He's living past the Get down, Dina. So I lived in Deer Park. But my dad found the doughnut hole One time. Oh, no, you don't. You don't hippie. Don't don't touch the doughnut hole. But you know what? I don't understand. And I've said this for years. When you deliver doughnuts when you get doughnuts for the for the office, or whatever else The guy who's going in is always worried that he's not going to get the order, right? He's just you know, you're just doing it to be nice, right? Whether you're a salesman or the boss or whatever. So they'll say, All right, we got X number of people. I'm going to get X number of doughnuts. And they'll say, uh, Let's say you got eight people in the office. So you get a dozen doughnuts. Because it's girls. Because if it's a working class office, a dozen doughnuts would be for two people. So you go to get the doughnuts and the guy says, you know, he'll say, they'll say, you know what's what's the mix? What you ought to do is get a dozen glazed doughnuts and be done and then everybody's happy, right. Stop tuning now, Ramon. Everybody's happy, but what do you do instead? Let's see. I'll get I'll get six glazed, and then I'll get one each of crappy doughnuts. So it'll be jelly field and that yellow jelly feel that yellow thing I don't know what that thing is A strawberry fields shut up. Let's do a toasted pecans, toasted coconut. I don't know what the hell And so then here's what happens. First person. Hey, there's doughnuts in the kitchen if anybody wants them. Boom. Two guys go down there. They knock out those six doughnuts. They don't They would have another doughnut each, but they don't want to mess with the crap doughnuts. And that's what that's what you're left with. Is a crap doughnut. So now you've got those other six doughnuts. Now through the course of the morning. Somebody will come in there and go. Oh, I guess they took all the glazed. Well. Okay. I guess if I heat this thing up and get a fork and a knife and eat it that way, I can eat a bite of it. And so that's what they'll do Somebody that was really, really wanted. A glazed doughnut will now Take one of the jelly filled doughnuts and they'll cut a corner of it and they lied to by and it was okay and then they'll throw it away. And by 11 o'clock or noon, There's a sad looking box of Four doughnuts left in there that nobody touched. If those had been glazed, they'd be gone. If I can do a little bit of good today, it will be if you're the guy that orders For the office. Unless somebody specifically says I want X Y Z doughnut and they are going to eat that doughnut. Don't get anything but glazed. Everybody likes glazed. It's the lowest common denominator. Everybody likes place. Almost nobody likes that specialty doughnut. Now you might say, Well, why do they make it? If you'll notice they don't make many of them because there is the guy that comes in. But that guy doesn't work for you. And if he does, he's only one of them. Nobody likes anything but glazed Donuts. Well, Michael, okay? Yeah, you do. But Julie the glazed donut before you eat that See unless that is your favorite doughnut. Then don't even comment, because you would have been just as happy with a glazed doughnut solve the problem. Just do glazed donuts. That's it, That's it, and that's all. Don't even get me going on Karachi's Because I will tell you what I am on a search for If you go to West Texas. You will get And it's not even a ca Laci. And then somebody has to tell you. You. I'm check. You're not check. You're not check your from Bellville. Where you've been for eight generations. You've never been to Prague. Don't tell me I'm check. That's Michael. That's not a ca Laci, that. What's your comment is not a ca Laci. Okay, Alright. Okay. You You got the last name? That's about all you got going But they'll have to argue with you over. I don't care if you call the CA Laci. Most people here call it a Karachi. That's the same guy that does this because what they really want to tell you is there of Czech heritage? That's really what that conversations about when you get down to it, like Danny and Liberty. I don't think the gate is the issue. It sounds like the issue as they want the old man office property. That's what it sounds like to me. I don't know. Maybe that I'd love to hear their side of the story, but that's not. The issue is not the gate. From what I can tell the issue is they want the old man out of there. They don't want him living there. They won his property. That's what several people have now told me but whatever. The issue here. What were we talking about? Ramon Oka, Laci's the issue here when people have to argue with that is they just want to tell you, I'm of Czech heritage. Okay, Now that we've done that, can we talk about whatever the item is, and I'm talking about.

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