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Kit. Which Amazon notes is imported from Canada. Includes 120 G. Reese is bar Ah 43 G. Hershey's creamy milk chocolate bar of 43 G. Hershey's cookies and cream bar, a bag of marshmallows and three packs of golden Graham crackers. Kids Mother's Day is May 9th. I'm just saying your kids don't listen to the show. Oh, that's right. So, basically what they're saying. You've got all this different varieties of chocolate mix with the marshmallows and put between the gram. So, Bill if you could forward this story to Gina. Then Gina could accidentally forward it to her Children. Oh, did I send? Oh, I meant to send that to someone else. I'm sorry, but a sure looks good, doesn't it? Hmm. Sports sports Weather traffic. All right, guys. You know what Saturday is? Yes, day off. Yeah, I'll record geek show, but I'm gonna read comic books. It's the Kentucky Derby Saturday and I've got your picks. Oh, Oh, you picked horses for us on you and I having such a hard time I'm giving your pick of two because there's some that would go for for both. They could go. Either way Now is what is this? Based on that You've decided that these horses of the ones we should pick the names totally on the names. So, Bill, I'm having a hard time with yours because I have two bourbon adjacent horses. Well, when I should have them, Bo, there's midnight. Bourbon. Hmm. Or there's Borbon IQ. Uh, no. That sounds too much like bubonic plague. So you want good night? Bourbon. Is that yours? What are the odds? Midnight. Berman's 20 to 1. That's pretty good. So Uh, Carrie, your choices are hidden Stash Who Or soup and sandwich. Oh, super sandwich. It was it has to be super sandwich goes up a sandwich. Uh,.

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