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Round number five spaceport is being turned into a TV show, and how they are going to create it is the mind of the beautiful Steve Carell who is most widely known as Michael from the office. Let's get into this a little bit. On June eighteenth two thousand eighteen the federal government announced the creation of six major division of United States armed forces the goal. The new branch is to defend satellites from attack and perform other space related tasks or something. This is the story of the men and women who have to figure. And that was part of the trailer for a new Netflix series called space force, which is brought to us by the minds behind the office. And we'll be starring Steve Grell also be also be writing and producing it too. I was thinking that it would be them in like outerspace fighting aliens or something, but it turns out they're just gonna be doing the show based around the people tasked with creating the experience of the armed services. So it's going to be like, I'm really imagine. Steve Carell in like a like an office setting like doing stuff like that in that being successful. I, you know, I feel like he's done it before I feel this vague other sense it he's been there. Evan almighty. I'm. That's someone bringing a forty year old virgin or something you were. Anyway, I thought initially like, oh, they're going to be in space. Holy crap. But it is going to be pretty much like the office. But on the admin side of the military. I think as they try and go through all the red tape and all that which I mean that kind of stuff the jokes right themselves. If you've been in the military, or you've been stuck in some sort of government organization, you know, how ridiculous it is. So I think they're going to nail it and this'll be Corrales first TV role since he played Michael Michael, Scott. There's no release date yet. But I heard there's about twenty episodes that are gonna be coming out on Netflix. So really, I assumed it'd be a lot shorter than that. I think that place in order for that many. So I don't know. Yeah. I mean, obviously, as you said, the jokes are definitely the themes just the directions. They take this show or endless what I do have a big fear that people just because it is Steve Carell, and it's in. What it seems like very similar to the office. People are then going to compare it to the office. And I just don't think I mean, the office was transcendent TV comedy to try to catch lightning in a bottle twice and make that relevant and funny. I think is going to be a very very big challenge show. I have a slight fear that it could. I don't wanna I shouldn't say stink. But not live up to what people are expecting because I think the bars just so high. I hope the show opens, and it's all the same characters from the. Did it do space forces? Pam..

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