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WCBS news time. Four oh eight traffic and weather together every. Ten, minutes on the eighth we have a crash to tell you about a hundred zero where is it let's go. To queens yeah if you're travelling southbound right by Linden boulevard on the cross island Parkway heading. Towards the laurel Tim Parkway towards the southern states the, ramp to the southern say that's all, backed up plus southbound ride continues. To be very heavy as you make your way towards the, bell Parkway and if you're heading. Towards JFK that's something you want, to pay attention to definitely are delays there now the cross Bronx and Bruckner moves well the RFK Whitestone frogs Nick looking. Good to go if you're using. The Lincoln or Holland tunnel well there's some Lincoln tunnel delays heading back to manana about an extra five or. Ten going to be needed there. The right at the, George Washington Bridge has been, pretty good shape. For most, of the night. In early morning. Here we do have the lower deck close New York bound upper level. Only but not seeing any major tie-ups we do have slowdowns if you're traveling over the tappan Zee you're moving, fine in both. Directions but if you're heading towards Westchester look after delays eastbound onto eighty Eighty seven. Right, by the split of the throughway and to eighty seven there's going to, be some slow moving, traffic with a crash there as, you start making your way southbound, coming down by east. Irvington our next traffic update that's going to happen in less than ten minutes right here on. WCBS switching gears were live at, the weather center with meteorologist Mike and Mike what can we expect. Today John we expect a little bit more, way of some unsettled, weather here early this morning. Just mostly cloudy skies around the tri-state area. Right, now can't rule out a brief shower and one or two spots cross the Hudson valley but for the most. Part were dry right now low near seventy degrees later today though it'll be cloudy and humid. With some showers developing along with inside a heavier thunderstorm, or hind later today round eighty degrees, a shower in spots Sunday night. Low seventy two Monday and Tuesday both days it'll be mostly, cloudy and humid with a shower. Thunderstorm around either day I both, Monday and Tuesday Eighty-one Wednesday finally A dry day with sunshine but, it, will be, very warm and humid high? Eighty-eight, Thursday partly sunny hot and humid I ninety one currently we have. Mostly cloudy skies, around the tri-state area John temperatures ranging from seventy one to Clifton in New Jersey the seventy four near Whitestone seventy twos are temperature in. Central park headed onto low near seventy nice Mike w CBS news time. For ten, near congressman Jerry Nadler Manhattan democrat says he's had it with tourists helicopters fly over central part performances of Shakespeare. In the park, so he's join forces, within officials, asking the FAA, to keep the. Choppers so way the FAA could issues or immediately they don't have to go through. A process urging them to, do it. Immediately So that's the, balance of of the season people can. Enjoy Shakespeare in, the park unimpeded by hovering helicopters and that should repeat next nearest and so forth Natalie say Shakespeare in the park should be respected as New York institution it's currently, staging Twelfth Night never has been campaigning for, years to ban, the helicopters, entirely from Manhattan. Arguing it's a major. Focus of tourism economic development and culture and asking why would we allow coupable helicopters to disrupt that Cynthia Nixon, is calling out governor Andrew Cuomo reduction debates ahead of next month's democratic primary for governor the two, term incumbent pledged to debate Nixon months ago but. So far he hasn't agreed to a time date or format the farmer sex in the city star liberal activists says. Crumlish tried to avoid a public exchange his campaign says he's just waiting for the details to be worked out and candidates are rallying their supporters in the final, days before Connecticut's upcoming primary hoping To. Encourage people to go to the polls voter turnout is traditionally, low and the states summertime primary which will be. Held on Tuesday governor Dan Malloy is not seeking reelection vibe Republican candidates. In two Democrats. Are competing to succeed him there are also primaries for a state legislative seats and, the..

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