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Trending now on NewsRadio eight thirty K H B H. I'm Jillian Norton. Dennis a road rage. Suspect is telling his story Mark char took the stand yesterday and said he wanted to talk to the driver who had break checked in while driving down the H one before things turned violent tar says his car accidentally backed into the front of the driver's car. After the two pulled to the side of the road. And he was trying to defend himself with pepper spray before pulling out a knife. Prosecutors say char stabbed the driver assaulted the drivers passenger and even got into it with a witness who tried breaking things up cars facing a long prison term for attempted murder. A couple of political heavyweights in Hawaii or jumping into campaign season. Former governors Neil Abercrombie and John Weihe say they back state Senator Kaikoura Haley. He's campaigning for the seat held by US Representative Tulsi Gabbard who was has recently announced she's running for president of the United States. Most Abercrombie and why he say they are behind Gabon's run for the White House and their support for co Haley shouldn't be taken the wrong way. Most experts say Gabbard becoming president is a long shot. Labor officials yesterday cited several businesses inside Hawaii malls for overtime and child labor violations. The department's wage an hour division investigated mall retailers during the two thousand eighteen fiscal year and found that more than half of the businesses failed to pay overtime for working more than forty hours. A week. Violators include six Romagna restaurants in Honolulu. Couple and pro city and one in Louis Maui for regal food Inc. Locations in Honolulu and three Thai Lao restaurants in Honolulu Pearl city and couple may from the NewsRadio eight thirty cage ph news center. I'm Julia Norton. Dennis stay up to the minute online at cage, VH radio dot com. All the news. You want to know after yesterday. I know what Mr. Trump is. They could come up with a racist. He's the guy who is going to prison into mind. He's a or lying to didn't lie about one thing. He said, no collusion. The news. Sometimes you have to walk you need. He did not blink stay in the know. Check in often, the president did the right thing is NewsRadio eight thirty cage..

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