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Year old woman who also was shot is in critical condition meanwhile a seventeen year old girl a nineteen year old man and a sixty three year old man are all in stable condition police say the gunman sped off in a white vehicle no arrests have been made a former Chicago area amateur men's hockey assistant facing allegations of sexually abusing players in Minnesota WGN's Vic pawn has that report in the athletic site several former athletes who claim Thomas Chico would drive is sexually assaulted them thirty years ago at the university of Minnesota he's been suspended from coaching any USA hockey sanctioned teams until investigation is complete he formerly coached at Chicago based Robert Morris university official there tells the athletic no complaints were ever filed against the goddess during his employment Vic Vaughn WGN news Chicago police are looking into a possible connection between the shooting death of a mother of three this weekend they shoot out that left a fire fighter wounded earlier this month the latest shooting happened Monday night when Stephanie Brooks was shot and killed trying to fend off a masked gunman from entering an apartment in the forty four hundred block of north Francisco the first happened it had the incident happened back on February second when rival gangs began shooting at each other after car was set on fire outside of a building in the thirty four hundred block of west Wilson firefighter responding to that fire was shot and wounded if you're getting caught in crossfire investigators believe Brooks shooting death may have been retaliation for that earlier shootout this Google fire department special operation unit had to use more than two dozen pieces of equipment yesterday to rescue a man hood fell fallen into a cargo hold of a ship docked on the city's far southeast side WGN's Mike Lowe was there falling in the cargo hold of a large ship that was docked in the cal you met river we are at one hundred six and buffalo that ship was said to be delivering road salt for the city of Chicago to workers now hospitalized alert and in good condition recovering from a fractured to a lower extremity a trip to Hooters now has a woman in the hospital the woman was had.

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